Adams wins Dail Seat - Good Riddance!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Boozy, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Irish election - SF president Gerry Adams wins seat

    Auld Gerry has managed to top the poll in the Republic of Ireland... well God help ROI but from all in Ulster good riddance to bad rubbish and I hope he f*cking stays down there!

    A classic textbook case of an extremist exploiting political turmoil?
  2. Groan...right into my lap.......clean up on aisle 3, clean up on aisle 3 please.
  3. Despite the fact he's a murdering ********, all politicians will exploit political turmoil.
  4. look on the bright side. At least Gadaffi has someware to claim asylum now. I can hear the phone call Aww comon Gerrriee you owe me big time.

    BTW noticed Gerries teeth? looks like a game show host in Florida!
  5. The flip side of this is that there will now be a by-election in West Belfast. Without Gerry's 'personal vote' can Sinn Fein hold onto it, even with some of their (ahem) more 'interesting' electoral practises?
  6. and strangely enough, why do people make jokes about the Irish being stupid?
  7. Yeah, manipulative is more appropriate, whining and bullshitters come a close 2nd and 3rd. No offence to the ordinary good people of both sides of the border.
  8. Because they think they are funny......Although they are good for the environment being recycled from one nationality to the next in a never ending circle.
  9. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I think it's Patrick Sheehan who is the shinner walk in of choice. Same guy was hitched to the late Siobahn O Hanlon who had a really interesting history.
    Mr Sheehan (unlike Gerry) has been in the IRA, and Jail.
  10. It's interesting that people view Adams withdrawal from Northern Ireland politics as some kind of concession by him that he's had enough and we are well rid of him. I would certainly say good riddance, shut the door on your way out, you terrorist fvcker. Think of this though. One of the key points of any possible unification in the future of Ireland into one single state must be that the people of the south actually want the people of the north to join them. I think this is a bit of a moot point. Some of the southern Irish would probably say "join with them, you must be nuts". Substantial unemployment, huge welfare bill, continuing secretarian divisions, in fact still a simmering powderkeg in many respects.

    So why has Adams really sought and gained public election in the south? Sinn Fein's agenda is still very much unification and I think they have realised that if they are to get any kind of a shot at achieving that goal, they need to bolster their case to the people of the south. Hence, parachute Adams onto the political scene to prepare the way. Adams isn't going to disappear. He's going to be a pain now in the south and while they are more than welcome to him, let's not kid ourselves that he's retiring.
  11. Probably got them done at the London Cosmetic Dental Clinic and charged the work to expenses. Just like a former PM, peoples' champion and saviour of the world.
  12. You are right, SF do need to broaden their appeal in the South if they want to achieve their ultimate goal of a united Ireland (on their terms). A few years ago they had 5 TD's, which, if memory serves, dropped to 2 at the last general election. Mind you, his attempts at answering media questions on economics, child benefit levels and other financial questions during the campaign didn't show him in the best light. It will be interesting to see how many seats they actually do pick up, though Fianna Gael and Labour won't touch them with a barge pole in coalition negotiations.

    Another interesting theory is one that I heard from an old and bold RUC SB man back in the 90's, who though that Gerry's ultimate personal goal is to be President of Ireland, either 32 or 26 counties!
  13. Gerry might have some problems coming up. Some in the Southern part of the party are not thrilled with him being el presidente for life of the party. Mary Lou McDonald who is VP and a few others might be lining up to take a run at him. Plus he doesn't have a clue about the Republic.
  14. Funny that would also be one of my theories...Martin has become DFM of NI so Gerry has designs on going bigger and better (the pair are not as good pals as we're led to believe in the media)... and then when he does retire he'll have some kind of political legitimacy, status and a very different place in history as he would if he stayed in NI and retired now.
  15. He won't ever be President.