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Adams to be extradited

No not that one the other one, the brother of Jerry Adams (that well known Army tout) will be extradited from Eire to Ulster to face charges of shagging his daughter.


Book Reviewer
His Daughter.

She's waived anonymity btw so expect to read lots in the press after the trial.

Wonder how this will affect McGuinness' candidacy for the Presidency of the ROI.


Book Reviewer
Got all excited the, thought it said "executed"
I read it without my glasses and thought it said 'electrocuted'. Try to imagine my disappointment. Is Liam a Catholic does anyone know? One only asks because there is a link between Catholics and shagging children. I would say including ones own daughter in the victim pool would be stronging it a bit, but what do I know. I am not a Catholic about to be nicked for shagging his daughter.
How old is his daughter and is she fit? I only ask because she'll be upset and vulnerable and may need comforting.

Sadly its the closest I'll ever get to giving an Adams a proper good fucking.
Bugger. I just KNEW that I should have dealt a bit of vigilante justice to the arrogant scut all those years ago when we tugged him as a Stop 3 on the Lisburn Road.

Can't remember if his daughter was with him, though-but his cock did taste of Wright's Coal Tar Soap.

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