Adams says IRA killers are cowards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 28, 2005.

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  1. Ho ho ho, ha, ha ,ha

    Is this guy for real? 8O

    If you hate them that much gerry, why dont you tell us who it was? What with you being on the IRA army council and all? :roll:

  2. He may have called the killers cowards, but what about the whole IRA system that stepped in and cleaned the forensic from the scene. The members who jumped in to support the killers in what is a criminal not a political action. What about the SF candidates who won't stand for law and order by giving a statement to the police, but gave useless "We saw nothing" statements to their own lawyers, even though there is witness evidence that one saw everything. What about the community who would rather let the killers get away with their brutal crime than speak to the police.

    Are they not also cowards?
  3. I watched david dimbelby interview martin Mcguiness yesterday (after interviewing one of the McCartney sisters) and it was most pleasing to see someone turn the screw on McGuiness (who refused to answer the question that if the IRA had topped the murders, would that also be a crime, thus indicating that the IRA are still willing to commit a major crime?)

    He was flapping good style and went on to some obscure argument about what is a crime and what isnt and that he wouldnt play that game with british reporters.

    What a KNOB!!! :evil:
  4. Everytime McGuiness goes into smoke amd mirrors mode, I just scream at the TV , "FFS just answer the fcuking question will you!"

    The problem is, he really sees himself as a clever debater, as opposed to the smoke blowing obsfucating ratfcuk weasel he actually is. Dimbleby nearly closed down QT in Belfast, because McGuiness wouldn't stick to the questions, but went all over the place via 'Rocky road to Dubln"

    I notice most interviewers back off from asking him the really tough questions, probably because they know he knows where they live wee man :evil:
  5. Adams' remark about cowards will have been sanctioned by his fellow IRA seniors. It allows him to adopt the position that he did all he could - 'even calling them cowards'. The whole thing is a crock of shyte. Best thing would be for sisters to start private case and for the Crown Soliciters to take it over at that stage. Mind you - they might come from the same mob that ended up OKing the Iraq War.............
  6. It is this d1ckhead's question answering technique that has formed my opinion on any interviewee. If they have to talk their way around the houses un-necessarily then you can bet your bottom dollar that they are talking sh1t. It means not only are they trying to smoke screen the listner and evade the questioner, but also eat up the valuable time given for their interview to limit the number of embarrassing questions asked.

    It doesn't matter how good at debate McGuinness 'thinks' he is, even the casual listnener knows that such long and useless answers can only be an avoiding tactic and as such he has plenty to hide.

    Where SF/IRA are concerned, read any of their 'official' material and you'll soon notice that they wouldn't notice a true word if it ran up and screamed "Army STOP or I fire!". They proudly announce their members as brave armed soldiers, and when they are shot the turn into murderd opressed irishmen. I don't know who'd win the 'best lie' competition..... SF or Labour!
  7. Reckon it would be a close draw, but then labour may just sneak in ahead on pure size of lies.... :?
  8. PTP wrote
    "probably because they know he knows where they live wee man"

    They knew where Norris Macwerta lived did they not.
    PS. Probably spelled the name of the man wrong, in fact certain, but he was the twin, of Guinness Book of Records fame, who the IRA shot, years ago