Adams backs Paisley for top role

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pob02, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

  2. Adams is a so called politician, his not done it for nothing. I bet there is a hidden agenda somewhere lurking.
  3. I can't imagine Paisley will agree to it if he is forced into accepting that utter gobsh*te McGuinness as his deputy. Come to that any decent politician (if any politician can be described as such) would baulk at the prospect. Perhaps trying to sideline Paisley in this way IS the Adams agenda.
  4. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer..........
  5. Touche Baggy
  6. Failing that, Paisley gets offered the top job and refuses to work with Sinn Fein. He then looks like an ungrateful bar steward and the one whos wrecking the peace process whislt ADams looks like the very model of willingness to compromise.
  7. I think you might well have struck the hail on the nedd there, Juvenal! :p :p :p
    What a brilliant move by Gerry Adams. He knows full well that Paisley's just a gobby fatherless who's actually a pretty hopeless politician.
    Mind you, Martin McGuinness would make a pretty good "depperty". :D :D :D

  8. He would have to be called Martin "two mags" McGuiness...
  9. Bollox. It's just a wee 'thank you' from the Feinners to Paisley for all his help in swelling their ranks with volunteers over the years. ;)

    Having said that though, Paisley is not a hopeless politician by any stretch of the imagination; he may be an utter bigot, but he looks after the people in his constituency and pushes many local issues, particular agriculture.
  10. Sometimes I worry about 'Bugsy'. Mostly I don't, though. Both Paisley and Adams are highly capable politicians, although their style differs not a little. Adams will always seek to portray himself and his 'party' as the victims of repression by the evil Brits and Unionists, and included in this is the insistence by Paisley that Adams' gang actually behave like any other political party in the liberal democratic West; ie, they don't fund themselves by bank robberies, intimidation by their spokemen is by a glare rather than a session involving a four-ring cooker, and that they recognise the lawfully-constituted Police rather than a nutting squad as the agents of the Law. It's all too much for a gang of criminals and thugs who are nothing less than revolutionary socialists (although they'd never dare say so in the good ol' USA) whose entire ethos is based in social control and a command economy. They all still believe quite firmly that crime is a 'legitimate' means of funding their cause, which is where they divert from classical political Marxist thought (I think. I'm no politician.)
  11. Incidentally, Paisley is very highly regarded as a constituency MP, and would extend himself for all of his consituents, regardless of their voting records or religion. I read somewhere that he had recently been dealing with an issue brought up by the family of the young Catholic lad who was tragically murdered last week.
  12. You're absolutely right here, Whiskybreath. Paisley is a good constituency MP. However, he'd make a really crap leader, and that would be his role, were he to be elected.
    But he would make an excellent Chief Whip. :D :D :D

  13. I sometimes think that many Northern Ireland MPs get a raw deal. They are seen as intransigent bigots, gold diggers, political manipulators, lame ducks or just men of the cloth with a day off. Of course the MP's in the rest of the UK are above all of this but then it depends where you live. If you live in the rest of the UK then you might be lucky enough to see reports about Northern Ireland on the BBC which is NOT totally unbiased although they think they are all truthfullness and light.

    I was lucky enough to have Martin Smythe as my MP and while he was just another man of the cloth with a day or two spare, he helped me regarding a loss of disability benefit due to HMG at the time conveniently moving the goalposts. He wrote several letters and when I finally won my case he actually wrote himself to congratulate me on MY efforts. Unlike David Blunkett, who's answer to my problem of being unemployed in Sheffield was to tell me to get a job, I found Martin Smythe an excellent MP which is why he got my vote.

    I do have respect for Ian Paisley (senior) and while I like many went "Oh fcuk, its him" while he was bible bashing outside the City Hall, I think he is a good and fair politician. But then those flying foreign flags might beg to differ. Closet republicans with no need for a closet.
  14. I have very little time for the man but your 'dead on' there. My wife is a Northern Irish Catholic and her mother raised an issue with Paisley that he dealt with quickly and thoroughly even though he knew she was a 'Taig' and almost certainly voted Sinn Fein. Credit where credit's due.
  15. I have the strangest feeling that the same can't be said for those Provisional SF Members of Parliament. Must be a bugger to live in their consituencies when you've a problem needing an airing in the nation's Halls of Gas. Not that they give a toss, mind.