Adams A for Amnesty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. So he's a kn0b. What's new?
  2. He's been accused of being a murdering terrorist bastard for many years, so I can't see that being called a hypocrite is going to bother him. How / why he remains alive today I don't know, but he and McGuinness are two of the very few people I'd quite happily see executed.
  3. Just thought it was an update on the likely route for the inquiry into deaths at the hands of service people. His people get off, the rest are nicked.
  4. "we sought to ensure the scheme would not hinder the search for the truth"

    So we're finally going to be told the truth about Birmingham and Guildford, are we, from one who knows? That's nice.
  5. I don't think there should be an amnesty for soldiers/policemen suspected of involvment in collusion or illegal killings. Although probably for very different reasons from Adams...

    The truly shocking thing about this bill is that it sends the message that NI was a civil war and "hey guys, atrocities were committed on all sides, lets all forgive each other". It somehow says the security forces were just another group in the war just like PIRA,UVF etc etc. I don't accept that and I think its a disgusting message to send out.

    I think/hope there were few illegal killings etc by the security forces but if they have done something wrong they should be tried. Policemen/soldiers should not be victims of a witchhunt, but if new evidence comes to light then they should be tried.

  6. I know the kind of amnesty I'd gie the both of them. A 9mm permanent amnesty.
  7. Beacause the guy that shot at Him and McGuiness, during a rally back in the early days, MISSED !!!!
  8. Do you know, if I was ever going to go off the rails it would have been to take they two feckers out!
  9. Yet another concession, good lod Tony Blair comes up trumps again for the Terrorists, its an absolute disgrace. What must the people think who have lost family members to people who are now in line for a pardon. Pathetic.
  10. We should have let the sneakys take them out in the 80's when the 'shoot to kill' row was going on. It would have all died down by now.
  11. Which would have been a stupid thing to do because like it or not they were from the 'peaceful' wing of the provos... if such a thing exists...

  12. No disrespect mate but they are both '69ers' and were responsible for the development of the 4 man ASU and other tactics. They were both active volunteers and have killed by their own hand and later instructed other volunteers to kill. They were both PIRA so called 'Brigade Commanders' and both sat on and chaired the PIRA 'army council'.

    Adams wrote the IRA's 'Green Book' while he was in the Kesh.

    You still say they were from the 'peaceful' side?
  13. I know Tri, like Hitler was allegedly the liberal face of Nazism! Maybe this is where I become extreme, ( 8O ) but if you remove enough 'heads' they eventually run out of people willing or able to take the role.
  14. Aye - we weren't allowed to remove heads though. More's the pity.