AD is no longer PC!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldAdam, Jan 28, 2005.

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  1. Just collected the wife from school, after a hard day of the urban guerilla warfare that passes for education these days.
    She tells me that, in all things historical, it is now considered incorrect to use AD -Anno Domini! 8O

    Since just about every facet of education in this country and in just about all of the civilised world, depends upon the Christian/Western calendar, in some way, shape or form, I find this somewhat confusing. :roll:

    However, I suppose that, since we live in a multi-cultural society, it behoves us to make the effort to adjust to the ways of others.

    Just think, that means you can take a day off for Yom Kippur, another for Diwahli... and I think it's a whole month for Ramadan! :lol:

    I think I could get to like this!
  2. Old News, old man...

    in history circles BC and AD have long been dispensed with, since they refer to Christian reckoning and don't reflect the Jewish Calendar, Muslim years or other cultural notations..

    bit of a red herring, though , since the new terminology takes its starting point from the same date [ i.e. the ' Birth of Christ ']..still, as a sop to athiests and others it is not PC, so, call the dates; BCE and CE [ Before the Common Era and the Common Era ]..that keeps the numbers the same [2005 still is the same just... CE instead of AD...] but allows the mad hatters to breath a little easier...

    we live in ' crockpot ' times.. mein freund...
  3. But doesnt that mean that the Common Era started at the supposed birth of Christ?

    Call it what you like, its still AD.

  4. Tell me about it. :roll: I'm doing some DL Archaeology courses with a uni at the moment. Last year i got into a 'discussion' about whether or not we should use the word 'mankind' as it's obviously sexist :roll: :evil: some bint insisted we had to use 'humankind' now.

    Fug 'em. :evil:
  5. Did she have hairy pits and a face like a welders bench?
  6. Did you point out that mankind actually refers to the female members of the species as well? Stupid bint.

    With regards to whether or not it is PC to use AD, it is common usage so it should stay. In any case, we live in a predominantly Christian society so screw the rest if they are going to nit-pick. I think people are still going to use BC/AD anyway. It's like the time when some in the feminist movement in this country in the 70s decided that the word woman was not not PC because it was woman.
  7. More PC bollox once again.

    I elected to send mine to an "outed" C of E school and it is a joy to behold. He knows the words to the hymns that I used to get MADE to sing as a kid at assembly, knows what BC and AD means, has learned about Christ (not a Bible basher myself but was relieved in later life to know that I still had the free will to decide), gets read the odd passage from the Big Book that is relevant to tolerance, thoust shall not steal thy neighbours alloy wheels etc and is slowly becoming a normally adjusted 7 year old that is C of ENGLAND without turning into a religious fanatic.

    He is neither PC or un PC and neither is his teenage brother who did the same primary school (except when he gets me going about Chavs).

    It p1sses me off that there is so much anti Christianity in schools nowadays where if you even dare to argue about exclusively Muslim schools (there are many of them within 5 miles of my loc, ask PTP, he lives in their shadow), you are a racist.

    Christianity and being a member of the State Religion (Lizzie is still the boss) – Bad and untolerated, anything else that requires segregation against the State Religion – Good and state funded.

    Daft thing is, my little un doesn't even think about the fact that mates he has had since nursery that have gone to other schools are of a different religion. I wonder how he will be when he gets to senior school and is told that Christian thoughts are banned in order to not offend them?

    Personally, I went through 14 years of education without ever really batting an eyelid to religion seen as I went to a mainly C of E school and if people didn't want RE or C of E assemblies, they just didn't turn up. Explanation was "I'm not a Christian, I'm Muslim, Sikh, Hindu" etc, etc. We never batted an eyelid we just accepted it, there was the odd p1ss take that lasted 30 seconds and then you were mates again. I'm sure that their parent’s views were "it's a good school, we'll send them there but we don't want them to participate in the religious stuff" and that was fair enough.

    Now it is thrown in kids faces that after primary school, they are not allowed C of E assemblies so that they don't upset anyone else. Talk about fcuking highlighting segregation and lack of integration in to the community!

    I can summarise easily. When I was at school I am sure that there were loads of Christians, muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Jedis and whatever else. However, I could not pick up an old school photo out and tell you which one was of which religion. The none C of E or RC that didn’t want to play just didn’t play for the first half hour in the morning, I can’t even remember who was and wasn’t in the assembly.

    I guarantee you that my 13 year old can point out every single none Christian in his year, purely because such a point is made about how no one else is any different. The irony astounds me

    Great way to make the majority not notice the differences!!

    Alternatively, we could ban all C of E, RC and all other forms of Christ botherers primary schools just so that our young never know any different when they get hit with the countless other religious ceremonies celebrating whatever anyone that isn’t indigenous since the dark ages in the UK wants to believe in.
  8. Another fine example of the stupid shlt that the PC brigade have dreamed up to protect "the children" from the harsh realities of life.
    Childhood NEEDS nastiness as a training aid for Adult Life, otherwise it comes as a traumatic shock to the cotton-wool wrapped children that everything ISN'T going to go their way.
    AD is Anno Domini, BC is Before Christ & PC is Pure Crap.
    Why don't these wanekrs fukc off & find a real job?
    I'll answer that: Because they arent bloody well capable doing so :evil:
  9. I wonder if the lay Jewish/Muslim/Sikh/Hindu/Buddhist/Weetabix person even gives a toss. It sounds like the sort of thing that comes from a few people with very loud voices.
  10. Weetabix? :lol:
  11. Last time I was in the U.S.A went to the national space and history museams in Washington. Was confused at first as all the display had ...

    Big Nasty Thunder lazard....234,456,789 BN
  12. BN meaning Before NOW..!!
  13. Isn't the start of the Common Era when Chavs first came along?? Or was it when Prince Harry dropped his first boolock?? :p