Actually we do have enough Choppers - Brown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spent_case, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Linky

    We have a Massive Chopper actually. He lives at Number 10... Throbber
  2. Ah, the Secretary-General has spoken from his public opinion and truth-proof bunker... And Lord M-B is already dancing to the new tune!

    Surely by now even the most moronically slavish Labour MP can see what a cvnt Brown is and the damage he is doing to their party? Not that that is a bad thing...
  3. We have more than enough choppers.

    They're all Labour MPs, tho...
  4. I don't know if we do have enough choppers, although I suspect not; what I do know is that Brown is not helping matters by continually dancing around direct questions on almost every subject.
  5. My bold - as Mr Arbuthnot phrased it at the recent Parlimentary Select Committee meeting - "Prime Minister, you can choose to answer the questions or you can choose not to answer the questions" 'nuff said.
  6. People like him would swear that black was white if they could get away with it. ------- Deny Everything, admit to nothing policy does NOT wash with the great British public. Face facts Brown, Half the country thinks this war is unwinable, and we are going to have to face a humilliating pull out ----- thanks to your idiotic policy you jack arrse.
  7. Actually we don't have enough choppers - British public.
  8. But Mr Brown has enough choppers for him and his pals, so I suppose he is right, but a wee bit of a shame he is on the wrong page to the rest of us. But don't worry Gordie next year you can forget all this pressure, why? because you won't be needed by the British public any more!
  9. Cant Liz use her royal prerogative and send a bloke in a mask with a large chopper round to brown's gaff to give him a little off the top?
  10. Look on the bright side, Brown bragged that he was going to bring the Forces down a peg or two, lets hope the by election in Ipswich tomorrow will be a disaster for him, especially with his neglect of the forces upermost in a lot of people minds. His dodging and weaving and lying about the lack of Helicopters exposes him for what he is. It is going to be the forces that take him down a peg or two.

    This issue is causing real political damage to the one eyed idiot. Even he is beginning to realise the number is up, he has been rumbled for the lying, corrupt incompetent bully that he is. He spent his entire career climbing up the greasy pole, the end result, the worst PM in history whose remaining few months in the job will be dogged by further evidence of his pathological mendacity.

    I hope he wallows in misery and self pity now that he knows just how much he is despised by all right thinking people. If we are really lucky, the stress will kill him.
  11. That's ok then. All sorted.


    PS, Why is everyone else outside of the Government front bench so wrong then?
  12. He's a cnut.

    And been watching too many septic cop shows... Lootenant Nick Richardson GB is a cock
  13. Because our great leaders decide what the truth is, then correct our false notions caused by our decadent ''free thinking''.
  14. I hope Brown dies soon and in pain.

    I have a voodoo doll of Brown and Mandlebum and I'm sticking the pins in.
  15. I agree, my dream for the future is a world where Brown is held down by some strapping east German men, where they passionately force their love upon him on live television for three hours a day. And all to Beethoven's Fifth.