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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by KANDYFLOSS_2, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know if you get paid up until you go to get discharged and have your medical, or just a date 28 days after leaving your unit? :? Apparently I have been overissued pay; I left my unit 26th august and was discharged on 6th November, they're saying I should have been discharged on 22 september and only paid until then! :x

    It gets better, when I turned up to be discharged my unit hadn't sent my file and I didn't see a doctor! :roll: Does anyone know the correct procedure/regulations for being discharged and when my pay should actually have stopped?

    I was also entitled to pre-release courses but my unit sent me to the Falklands for my last 6 months and the officer in charge never bothered sending me any information about resettlement or pre-release. :evil:

    Please someone help or advise the correct way to go about not being shafted!!! Any Help would be soo appreciated :)
  2. Sounds as though you have already been shafted mate.
  3. might have been as far as getting nowt just want to find something in black and white which says I wasn't technically overissued so I don't have to pay back £10 a month for the rest of my life!!
  4. Have you received your red book yet??
    When you signed off you should have had confirmation back from Glasgow giving you your discharge date- again you should have signed this to confirm you were aware. Resettlement depends on length of service, etc but you shuld have been entitled to something!
    Where did you turn up to be discharged was this your depot? They should have aranged for anything outstanding - medicals etc to be sorted although all this should have been aranged by your last unit!

  5. Check your PM's mate
  6. Not got my red book yet, my unit is on the move yet again! will probably take a while, all I have had is a letter from Glasgow saying I have been overissued pay! My old unit had a new admin Sgt 2 weeks before I left so I know he just hasn't done his job properly!! 5 years I served so I was entitled to 4 weeks resettlement, then 4 week sterminal leave but the admin Sgt is having none of it and saying I was entitled to nothing!! There are words for him!!
  7. You should not be discharged until you have a final medical, you are entitled to 28 days Terminal Leave and Graduated Resettlement Time equating to the length of service that you have completed, however, this should not be attached to Terminal Leave (1 day in between, paper exercise). Your pay should be stopped by the unit 1 month prior to your discharge date (the paperwork you sign on discharge (AF O 1809) details bank details of the final months payment). The failure to complete a Final Discharge Medical is a concern, what happens if you make a subsequent medical claim....mmmm, someone may well be in the s**t.
  8. So I right in thinking that I was entitled to 4 weeks pre-release then 1 day off then 28 days resettlement? and my pay should have been sorted 1 month before my discharge date so that it automatically stopped on the 6th, my official discharge date! Thanks that does make alot of sense, do you know what documentation that is recorded in so I can request it through Freedom of Information?

    Yeah that final medical could be a roblem seen as I'm not good at pulling tractor tyres around with a rope tied round my shoulders!

    Cheers mate x
  9. Correct, the AF O 1809 is the proforma that you should have signed that actions any debits and credits due to you after your bank payments have stopped (stop banking is done by the Unit), remember, you must have signed this form as the bank for the payment of your final months pay is nominated by you. I sugest that you speak to the Veterans Agency to see where you stand on the Medical side :wink:
  10. I didn't sign that form I got paid at the end of last month into my usual account, then last week a letter from Glasgow demanding I pay 2 months wages back!
  11. Oh, and your Run Out Date (ROD your final day (paid) in the Army) should have been given to you in the form of an AF B 2694, Notification of Amendment to Terms of Service, this form is sent out by APC when they receive and approve your AF B 6848, it has to be signed by you and a witness. It should show 1 year less a day plus from the date you signed the AF B 6848. Hope it works out for you fella.
  12. Major Co*k up at your unit then, time to speak to their Brigade SPS Branch me thinks. :x
  13. I think I will, Thanks for all that info it's boss mate can do alot with it!
  14. That is really bad man-management all round. I would write a formal ltter of complaint to your ex CO, if you get no reply, the Brigade Commdander.