Acts of violence towards inanimate objects

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tartan_Terrier, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. I'm sure we've all done it once or twice. You know the kind of thing, the computer isn't doing quite what you'd like it to do, and all of a sudden you need to buy a new keyboard because the old one is in pieces.

    It's bad enough at home, but you feel a right cnut at work when you've got to try and explain why there's a fist sized hole through your monitor.

    So what kind of things have you destroyed in a fit of temper?

    And what kind of excuses have you used to explain it away?
  2. Kitchen cuboard door (foot through it), Fist sized hole in stud wall, numerous plates etc, Tv remote (twice), mobile phone & car headlight.... thats about it I can remember.

  3. A skateboard - mine, I wasnt ever going to be a skater, and it refused to leave the gound. Suitably vexed I put an axe through it.

    A foresail on a racing yacht, it didnt want to go up the forestay so I ground it in regardless. 7:1 winches beat most things even Taffeta-Aramid racing Gennakers. I blamed the bowman for not clearing the foil.
  4. An SLR!
  5. A rather expensive torque wrench.
  6. Actually it wasn't so much an act of violence, more a demonstration of the laws of physics!
  7. My last mobile phone. It had been playing up for a really really long time, had been useless to start with and I'd had enough (motorola bollox). It died in the middle of an important conversation, having only just come back from being repaired. In a fit of female PMT inspired rage it was hurled across my room into my wall, swiftly followed by several quick kicks to the screen.
    My excuse was "it went wrong again", but changed my contract, phone back to a Nokia and investigated anger management :oops:
  8. A public phone, after it nicked 5 quid off me, I was stranded and only had that in change.
    Therefore it felt my wrath......

    Never got me money back though :(
  9. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Skate board? Do adults play with skate boards?
  10. Not me but seen a lad kick off at a bin in the Naffi at Dussledorf kicked the bin backwards it rocked back and planted him on his arrse much to the delight of the rest of the naffi
  11. Are Chavs thick enough to count as inanimate?
    Gobby little cnut
  12. By inanimate objects does that include subbys?

    If so the answer is yes

    Farmer drama is on in a minute so looking forward to half an hours peace from Mrs armadillo

    Nuff Said

  13. Shows lack of self-control.

    You lot need to see a shrink.
  14. Your the one with a Man U badge as a Avatar, At least we dont support inanimate objects


    Armadillo, look you got me into trouble with Mrs A now
  15. I wasnt aware the title was "things Ive kicked off at within the last 5 years"

    Adults do not play with skateboards, but I did have a childhood!