Actress would have joined IRA

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nebapneb, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. Rose McGowan, what a Cnut
    :roll: :roll: :roll:
    that is all
  2. Lets hope the bitch catches something painful and fatal, stupid fucking cow.
  3. Is she just a terrorist walt - a twalt perhaps?
  4. I could see her dicking on a street corner...
  5. I know...

    Let's have a competition to see who can think of the nastiest thing that could possibly happen to her.

    Do you people trawl the internet looking for minor slurs against the army and reasons to get upset?

    If I'd of been born in Germany in the twenties I'd of joined the waffen SS, I like the uniform and the thought of genocide makes my prostate twitch in excitement

    also If my auntie had a schwanz she'd be y uncle.

    another non story... but I can hear that tired old engine puffing into life, this things going to be VOR by October at this rate.
  6. Well, the odds on contracting some form of cancer and winning anything on the lottery are very similar, be lucky Rose!
  7. What an incredibly naiive thing to say, such a c0ck.

    Still, she'd have made a half-decent honey trap.
  8. I know a para/sf bloke who did more than one tour (including XMG when the ".50 cal" sniper was on the go) who said the same thing.

    I think there's a big distinction between drug dealing, whineing, Protestant-hating murdering PIRA scum, and people who can look at unionist hegemony and the behaviour of some part-time cops in the 60's and think, "Never mind the question of a united Ireland that behaviour is just ridiculous".

    It is at least possible that a lot of soldiers died because too many unionists thought that Catholics weren't folk, and decided to kick the crap out of people at 3am. I wonder how much support the IRA would have found without the "recruiting sergeant" of corrupt housing allocation decisions, nepotism in jobs, sh*t schools, gerrymandered elections.
  9. Could only be said by some one who wasnt living there .....
  10. Shock horror. Naive yank actor/actress/politician/sportsman, etc etc plays the green/slightly controversial card during publicity for forthcoming project. I'm just trying to kickstart the outrage moped as I type. I think what's more interesting is McGartlands comments on yer womans comments. Interesting enough book, but regardless of her outburst I doubt I'll be shelling out the pfennigs on the movie. She'd still get it though.
  11. More disturbing than some bint banging on about something she knows nothing about, is the fact that Hollywood are making another "historical" film about the troubles.............

    .............Pass me the keys to the outrage wagon please!
  12. Is she the same as these civvies who often tell me that they always wanted to join the army, but go quiet when I ask them why they didn't?


    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  13. She certainly deserves a dry bumming for such a stupid comment. I volunteer myself to carry out the said punishment.
  14. I don't doubt the whole thing kicked off due to some of the reasons you've outlined fella. Prior to 1969, moves were being made to address some of these issues by the N.I. government of the day. Plenty of bigoted prods weren't happy with this, as were plenty of disaffected nationalists who saw it as too little too late. I think it was inevitable that some form of conflict would take off. Conditions were ripe for it. But to carry on murdering your neighbours, bombing town centres, extorting, drug dealing for thirty odd years and after many of these things had been addressed - just because of percieved injustices against their community? Nah. I'm sure your mate who did the S Armagh tour would be fit to tell you of huge well furnished farmhouses, their driveway's packed with top of the range 4 x 4's and new motors. How does the like of that fit in with the "poor downtrodden republican" ideal? Anyway, back on post. I've commanded my papish manservant to leave his mud hut and fill the outrage moped with some of his illegally laundered two stroke. Anyone need a lift?
  15. i'd like to see her being dicked
    hopefully her career will take a nosedive
    and she'll have to do pr0n to survive :twisted: