Actor and Climate Change "Expert" Melts down on TV

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. Whoops, you can almost see his brain explode. What a twat.
  2. What a cnut
  3. Climate Change Evangelists all seem to do this - the moment you express any sort of doubt about man made climate change they just start to insult and point fingers. Gradually they go from semi reasoned dogma to red faced, spittle flecked, wobbly voiced shrillness.

    I actually have a certain leel of sympathy with the argument that while it cannot be 100% proven either way a precautionary approach should be taken. I also think that a less oil dependent and greener world would probably be a nicer one in which to live.

    I just like baiting them.
  4. How to loose it big time in primetime TV!
  5. So climate change can cause actors to melt as well as glaciers. Any chance we can make it do the same thing for politicians?
  6. I agree what an idiot. :roll: And he made absolutely no valid point about climate warming. He was arguing so loudly with the interviewer and in general being such a butt-head that I couldn't make out what point he was making. The only impression he left me with is that he's a closed minded Hollywood asshole. :wink: "Don't confuse me with the facts" :wink:
  7. Is that Ashie?
  8. What brain? :D

    After all, it is much more important how one "feels' about such matters than how one thinks.
  9. Whoa, Ed's finally lost it, raving nutter
  10. i wonder if the roles he played influenced him?

    For Your Consideration
    A Mighty Wind
    Star Trek: Voyager, (Future's End, parts I and II)
    Arrested Development
    Six Feet Under
    St. Elsewhere
  11. I don't know, who is he?
  12. Actor and Climate Change "Expert" Melts down on TV

    Jesus christ can you people not see that global warming is happening right now for real! The experts are melting, the icecaps are rising and sea levels are dying out!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!
  13. Are you an AI?