Activists cut through airport fence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Raven2008, May 24, 2010.

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  1. Should have shot the lot of them as potential terrorists the moment they started cutting through the fence!
  2. I do hope they took their shoes off going through security..... What's the point in jumping through hoops and having to put a 0.5 ml eyedrop medication into plastic bags, when some long haired greasy hygeine-dodgers can chain themselves to a plane without so much as a dog hanging off of them?
  3. f*cking hell, their rescoursefull, thease hippies!
  4. I fantasise about stabbing these hippy fvcks. Really going to work on them.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    A chance for the RAF Reg to win a legitamite battle honour and their not there
    A fleet of empty Wmmiks sitting outside duty free would have "secured" and "dominated" the area like they seem to "secure" every other airfield in the world
  6. Come on lads, it's more work on an airfield than BA staff have been doing lately.

    And probably caused less disruption.
  7. Oh my, Im pretty sure a portable masonry or chop saw applied at the shoulder or anywhere along the "tube" will do the trick. A bit messy I'm sure, but nothing that couldn't be cleaned up with a firehose....
  8. That'd ruin your day out messing about on airfields eh.
  9. OTOH, why do we need to increase freight capacity by air? Surely as a general rule, sea passage is a better way of moving bulky stuff around.
  10. Unless Manchester has a much bigger demand for increased airfreight :?

    Surely there must be justification for these developments.
  11. Maybe, I don't know. Sometimes though I think new developments could be used to pocket public money. There is a bloody great sea port in Liverpool and a motorway and a ship canal connecting it to Manchester.

    I am not condoning plane stupids activity here, but I do question the need to constantly expand airports. Personally, I am glad the new government has chopped Heathrow's 3rd runway. What a difference it made when the volcanic ash closed it (Heathrow) down. The great park was actually rather peacefull.
  12. I know where your coming from & fully understand, however it's the business & Industry leaders that will weigh up the logistical economics pro's & Con's and of which need to be convinced,

    And I know many years ago it would have been the norm to use canal's up & down and using Liverpool etc (for example coal ) but as they old saying goes:

    Time is money :wink: