ActiveSync Problems with NVG, PeerGuarian and Zone alarm

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by night_crawler, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Again I bow to your supreme knowledge.

    For some reason my activeSync will not work. I have added it to zone alarm ensuring I had all the little green ticks but no joy.

    Can anyone help at all? I need my PDA to sync as it is my life line for work. I am running peerguardian, Zone alarm and NVG Anti-virus. I also have CCcleaner but don't think that is a problem.

    Cheers once again.

  2. Why two anti virus scanners? Maybe they are conflicting. You could try reinstalling Activesync or try running it as admin.
  3. How are you connecting to the interwebnet? You not need zonealarm if on dial up or if you are behind a router. Win XP/Vista firewall is good enough for that. Its a bag-o-worms at the best of times.
  4. What two anti-virus scanners?

    AVG = Anti virus

    Zone alarm = Firewall

    Peergaudian = to stop people seeing what I look at.
  5. Could be peerguardian. Just an idea. Can you not disable it just to see if that helps?
  6. Cheers lads,

    I removed Zone alarm and it works perfectly now.

    Cheers once again you computer boffs. Where would I be without you??? Probably playing noughts and crosses on slate and chalk.
  7. Zonealarm is sometimes pretty dodge with some programs, i DO use it myself however ive had to fully shut it down on more than one accasion for a program to work.