"Active Shooter Incident" in Austin, Texas. Multiple casualties.

Unless it's a cop or a black man who is kind to his mom then nobody would have been interested if this happened a couple of months ago... Just another day in the US of A....
[Sarcasm on]
Quote from the gun lobby
"If there were more guns the people would be able to shoot back"
[Sarcasm off]

America, land of the free.
'Guns don't kill people- crossfire do'
Police issued a further statement "y'all with guns, got you asses down here, we forming a posse..."

Eta: I made this up for comic effect.
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Just waiting for the Gun lobby to start with the " If more had guns they would have shot back" .

Funny since Jan 1 2016 Texas has been an open carry State with those who,can carry a gun legally.

Remember when I want to Denver a few years ago, wanted to buy some silver for miss OB so went to a local bullion store. Everyone in the store, with no security either was carrying a gun, even the 55 year old lady at the till :)

Only a place a punk, drunk, or on Skunk robber would even try.
two incidents, both in the bar/nightclub area of town. apparently the shooter in a parking garage was disarmed and held by witnesses, no word on the shooter in the bar incident,

Austin is a pretty nice city for Texas. Compare with Chicago where there are dozens of shooting on many weekends and Chicago has the strictest anti gun laws in the US with the possible exception of Washington DC.

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