Active Lee Enfield Mark 4 wanted

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by cedenullis, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. At a shoot today, one of the guns mentioned that a recent search of his father's house (who is still alive) revealed a pristine telescope that had been fitted to a Lee Enfield Mark 4 together with a spyglass also in perfect condition. It transpires that his father had served with the Rifle Brigade in N Africa and Italy and had, unusually for an officer, occasionally been tasked as a sniper because of his prowess at stalking.

    My friend (ex QOY), who also stalks, would dearly love to find a working Lee Enfield 4 to which he can fit the 'scope and so continue the family tradition. Can anyone tell me where (in this gun-phobic society of ours) he might be able to purchase such a weapon? He already has a Sect 1 FAC so obtaining a variation should not be a problem.

    Grateful for any pointers.
  2. You could try searching any gun sites on the web and arrange transport through firearms dealers.

    Any sites such as gunstar, gun trader and ukgunroom will most likely have these weapons available, if you wish to get a value-gathering rifle, check the dates (pre 1945 weapons *usually* gain value better) and also for matching stamps and numbers on the weapon and bolt, along with the producer of the weapon!

    Hope this helps!
  3. I'm a Lee Enfield specialist RFD/collector, and know the market extremely well.

    PM me some photos of the scope, and I'll confirm what you'd need. Its most likely a No32 Mk1/2/3 scope, and should have a cast iron mounting bracket.

    If so, then this type of scope was fitted to No4(T) sniper rifles. These are scarce in UK, but available. Expect to pay between £500 for a bare (probably rebuilt) rifle, and £3500+ for a complete sniper set in a chest. Caveat Emptor: sniper equipment attracts sky-high prices and, consequently, a lot of gun trade rogues! Be sure to know that you are buying a genuine rifle, and not something someone has faked up....



  4. Take a read of 'The Sniper' by Barry Wynne. It's based on interviews with Arthur Hare who was a sniper in WW2.

    He mentions of having an officer as his Sniper Section comd ( for a short while at least).

    Also 'With British Snipers to the Reich' by Capt C. Shore (no wah)

    Ugly is your man for finding a No. 4(T)
  5. I like the one fourth from the right!

    Erm, could you explain?
  6. Speak nicely to 4(T)

    He will advise and assist and probably has exactly what you require at a sensible price.

    4(T) Are you going to Bisley on Saturday? (7th Jan)

  7. I would imagine its something like a 1955 Irish contract Fazackerley manufactured one in unopened brown paper and cosmoline wrapping... drool!
  8. 4(T) is (naturally!) the man to assist.

    If anyone is looking for a cheap workaday No.4 I have some for sale through a dealer friend of mine. PM for details,
  9. Don't start me on Johnny's buy back! I had my application in - $50.00 for a .303 brand new, still in grease proof paper, sling, bayonet, and oil bottle. Ex Lithgow arms. Then - vrooooooooooom like a rat up an aquaduct ol' mate goes to town in Tassie. ****, so close.

    As to the license, as far as I know you can. I'm applying for a collectors licence, but I'm not deactivating the weapon. Might have to join rifle club so I can shoot it legally at Swanbourne.
  10. Don't hit any nudists!

    Fifty bucks? No wonder you were dirty!

    I was left witth just a shotty after the buy back as I had to hand in a lovely brand new $750 .22 bruno semi automatic carbine as well as the Lithgow!

    I was lucky I bought an under and over as all my mates were taking the P*ss I had not bought a Mossy pump.

    Quietly, I heard that little Johnny thought that all semi auto's were military weapons as opposed to bunny guns when he made the announcement on the steps of Parliament house and the whole thing was news to the Public Service!

    However, this may have just been a rumour spread by the ignorant to mislead the unwary!
  11. Had an Adjt. in the unit who organised his brother to come and have a 'yipee' shoot with us. Now, lets say brother is one of the 'colourful racing identity' set, anyway, he produces a shotty. It is the shortest shotty (double barrel) I have ever seen, and breaks into two pieces. The shoulder stock has been removed and the only woodwork left is just the hand grip and foregrip. It seperated at the barrel (no more than 18") receiver, basically, when fitted together to seperate just a quick open palm hit to the top of the double barrells and 'voila two pieces which are easily fitted into the pockets of an army greatcoat. You fired it with left hand on top of barrels.

    Got chatting with ol' mate and innocent me asks naively what do you shoot with this? He calmy says it's my TAB gun. I didn't twig at first, then ****! Allegedly.

    For those who don't know the TAB is a betting agency run by the state government. A good source of income for those who only prefer withdrawals and no deposits during and up to the 90's. Allegedly.
  12. There used to be a few purpose built shotguns like that, handy to have when you're atop an elephant and the tiger gets a bit to close back in the days of the Raj, perfect for taking the dogs for a walk in the 80's with a jacket on just incase something fluffy or feathery made an appearance.

    Bit too expensive for your average bank robbery but, hey, taste comes with money.