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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Recce19, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Anyone else remember the joys of Active Edge :lol:
  2. Only vaguely through an alcoholic haze..... but that's how things were done back then :wink:
  3. My favourite memory, was turning up to camp for 1st parade only to see the regiment driving out of the gates, with the monkeys doing traffic control :lol:
    The BONCO hadn't phoned me to say it had been called. I was living out at the time 8)
  4. Leading 24 tracked vehicles into Dortmund city centre during the morning rush hour, because I missed the slip road onto the Autobahn....

    (it was one of those stupid b*xhead clover-leaf junctions where you have to aim in the opposite direction to which you want to go).
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I was in Dortmund - Kirkee Bks good fun all round :D
  6. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Dortmund was possibly the best posting for a Gunner up to the mid 1990s. :D
  7. the Guards at Hohne being crashed on an active edge for being bad. The CO told them it was for real. Oh what a wheeze.
  8. Fond memories of being posted and getting rat arrrsed on the last night, hooked up with a right growler and rolled back into camp the following morning wondering why there was a 432 parked outside RHQ

    happy days :D
  9. Hohne, probably one of the worst postings for a Gunner during the 70's/80's... :roll:

    Active edge activation in Jan 80 or something just as the Russki's had gone into Afghanistan and we figured they had decided to give us a shot at the same time, normally we got wind when one was going to be called but this time it was out of the blue, had me wondering for a few mins i can tell ya'... 8O
  10. Anyone remember the Outloading Exercise at 19 Fd Regt in the late 80's where a fully bombed up Stalwart decided to cut across the tram lines , rather than try to navigate kamakazee Kreutzung?, and just missing the overhead power lines by inches?
  11. I remember driving a 4 tonner towing a genny, convoy, 3 in the morning, lashing rain & pissed as a newt. Frightening stuff!!!
  12. Worst Active Edge al packed up and ready to move to UK on posting, boxes had gone so all we had was stuff for travelling in ready to hand quarter over next day. O clock in morning knocker up rings bell to announce active edge, tell him I am posted and he goes away happy. Next morning RSM calls me in and puts me in front of adj for failing to do AE, point out all the above and that my OC had excused me as I was technically SOS all to on avail, told me that "it might have been real" I made the mistake of saying that if it had been real more would have been done to get people in. End of matter was a slapped wrist and dismmissed. BTW RSM was a real twat, made ALL soldiers wear a poncho when it rained instead of waterproofs on the basis that ponchos were issued and waterproofs were not (barbour etc) the fact that all other units were wearing anything else but escaped his notice. Luckily CO not amused so order cancelled.

    Wasnt AE just a farce trhough as we always knew when it would take place so never really tested us.

  13. Don't, I remember falling into a drunken slumber in a bush and having a full screw screaming "are you drunk" at me, "of course I am you praat" wa sthe reply
  14. Plant_Pilot

    Any truth to the Hameln urban myth?

    Story as I remember it was that to avoid the Regt finding out the active edge was coming through the German Net, the locals were given no warning. The shock of seeing noisy, smoke billowing Engr stuff belching down the road in the wee hours of the morning led to several locals hanging from the ceiling to avoid WW3. :oops:

    Bad PR :?

    I remember lots of fun times turning up leathered in Neinburg knowing that as a CET op mein panzer would definately be kaputt before I'd reached the gates. :lol: