Active Camouflage with a touch of the Emperors new clothes

Discussion in 'RAC' started by PE4rocks, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Sounds good.

    Uh oh!

    So, no change there then.

    Plus ca change...

    Source: Popsci
  2. Useless against TI though.
  3. No doubt the product of the same mind that a while back produced the high-tech 'information battle helmet' that was like a green beachball on your head, lit you up beautifully at night, and insisted North was South.
  4. It'll be a bugger if you forget where you've parked it!
  5. The only problem with that is we would have to send our swords to the Germans to get them to help stop the blade falling off.
  6. So Big And Expensive at it again then.

    If we are fighting a foe with optics advanced enough to make this worthwhile, surely they would also have TI, making active camouflage (operating in the visual spectrum) utterly pointless..
  7. Only if every ******'s got a TI camera.
  8. You mean you haven't got a I-Rifle?

    While I don't wish to come across as a Luddite or like those of militaries past who decried such murderously technological marvels as the machine gun, submarine or tank.

    Do we really need this?

    What is wrong with drab paint, applied in the manner of the surrounding area. Perhaps augmented by good use of cover, tank sheeting and scrim/natural foliage.

    What happens when this techno-phallusy gets hit by a round, a jolt of a vehicle or has to push its way through an obstacle?
  9. It would be nice if it works, but I can't help but wonder if this is another FRES boondoggle, where the immediate needs of the army are mortgaged for the 100% solution in a few years time (in that case "a few" apparently meant two decades) and you end up with an 80% solution after all, because that's all that you can afford.

    FRES, after all, was supposed to pack the protection of an MBT into a sub-warrior weight-class vehicle using electric armour and hard-kill DAS, none of which have really materialised and we've got something a bit heavier than a Warrior with commensurate protection, that we could have had ten years ago.
  10. Nothing. It's just a film containing pigment that is activated when an an electric current is passed through it. If it was rendered u/s it would just be stuck in whatever colour it was at the time.
  11. Imagine, you are at a smoker (sure they dont happen anymore) getting socially cofused, you stagger back to the troop hide & cant find your maggot. Now that would be a disaster!!

  12. And how resistant to the usuall rough and tumble of military driving will it be? Or will the vehicle be stuck in some completely inappropriate colour scheme for the woods, after driving through a town?
  13. I was thinking more that it would be in shades of grey perhaps in the town and then still driving through a forest in such grey scheme, rather than shades more appropriate to the woodland.

    Likewise for conversions behind desert and green zone, or from winter whites to forest.

    On the flip side, perhaps it could be quiet useful with a purple type scheme as used by the Jordan Interior Ministry troops. I beleive the purple scheme is quite effective at dawn.