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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Parry, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. Been in the Sigs now for a little over two years, qualified soldier however no trade as I opted to go down the Potential Officer route. Finally went to Westbury in January and got a Cat 2 (24) needless to say this was a blow to the old confidence. In my debrief at RCB it was suggested that I join the OTC to be amongst "likeminded individuals", I like the idea of the OTC but I cannot join until I start University again in September which leaves me twiddling my thumbs for a few months.

    I have no desire to continue with my current regiment, it was out of naivety that I joined. After talking to people on courses as early as TAFS I warmed to the idea of the infantry, a feeling cemented by the infantry training received on TAOC. Twice now I have tried to transfer and both times been strongly encouraged to stay for whatever reasons, I suspect to keep the OC's numbers looking peachy.

    As a result of this I have hardly trained with my unit and am constantly looking at surrounding units. The situation as it stands is that I want to join an infantry regiment as soon as possible and begin training again as a Jock and put the Officer idea on the sideline for a while as I get stuck into University however I don't want to discard the idea of the OTC.

    The problem lies in that my local regiment 52 Lowland may not take me on for three months, train me then let me transfer to 51 Highland when I move away to University where I have been told I can train with both my own unit and the OTC.

    My big question is who is best person within my unit to speak to regarding this? PSI? PASO?
  2. As they say in your exams.. read the question.

    I obviously wasn't there, but I imagine that you take your TA stuff seriously and you are also pretty committed to a career in the regs. When the chap says "like-minded individuals" he means "students whose main interests are getting laid and getting drunk". Chill out. The most important thing you can do is go and get some non-military life experience. If you do join the regs, there is little that you will bring from TA infanteering or OTC which you wouldn't otherwise gather from RMAS and PCBC. Your jocks won't care that you used to be in the Lowland Reg - they will care that you know your arse from your elbow and that you show a bit of style.

    My advice would be join the OTC in September. Don't take it too seriously. Don't bore everyone with "when I was with my last unit" chat. Go and do something worthwhile with your holiday. If the Army will offer a trip to Belize or even better, an operational tour, take it - but i doubt they will. Take a loan out and go travelling in South America, go to Cambodia, go to Bali (its cheap), do something interesting - you've got the rest of your life to stag on in the rain.
  3. The best person is probably the person who has persuaded you to stay twice so far. Expalin to them that the R Sigs isn't for you and you wish to transfer to the Inf. But before you do you need to be certain in your own mind that it is what you wish to do. There must be some element of doubt if you have been talked round twice already.

    There is nothing wrong with going the Jock route before trying for a commision at a later date, in fact in my mind it makes a better officer but I don't want to get into a slagging match with others on here over that!! :wink:

    As for your next step, if you are heading north for uni as your post suggests then have you been in contact with the Inf Coy you think you would like to transfer to?

    You will probably find that as we approach the summer there will be fewer trg weekends coming up so the fact that you won't be there till Sept won't actually cause too much hassle, it's only 3 months = 6/7 weekends and the transfer process can take a lot longer than this.

    But your biggest question for yourself has to be the officer thing, do you want to be an officer? Is this more important to you than soldiering on for a few years? The OTC and what you have done so far with TAOC are two completely different animals. Depending on how far you have progressed with TAOC you will probably already have completed the first 2 years of OTC sylabus so how much more is it going to be of benefit to you (As a trained soldier you are already at the end of year 1...)

    Finally I'm not having a dig but if you are wishing to join the inf you really should do a bit of background reading. Following Future Infantry Structures and TA Rebalancing. 52 Lowland and 51 Highland disappeared a couple of months ago, they are now, respectively, 6 and 7 SCOTS - i.e. the 6th and 7th Bn of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.
  4. What Coy of 7SCOTS would you be joining? I may be able to offer you more specific advice.

    Are you currently with 32 Sigs?
  5. I'm aware that they have become 6 and 7 SCOTS, still revert back to old titles occasionally...old habits.

    I do want to be an Officer at some stage however I feel I haven't experienced the TA properly because I've been too set on doing so. So far I have only made contact with the AUOTC who said they were happy to let me train with them and stay with my unit but recommended starting from MTQ1 to refresh my skills and be amongst the same cohort and believe me they need refreshed.

    I would be looking to join the detachment of B Coy in Aberdeen and yes I am currently with 32 Sigs.
  6. Then I would imagine your persec is now well and truly compromised and your chain of command are fully aware of your intention to transfer :lol: (or at least they will be when they get back from the battle field tour and read this thread...)
  7. PERSEC? Try clicking his 'email' link...
  8. Seems so.
  9. I reckon that your best bet is to phone B Coy, 7SCOTS. Their telephone no. is 01224 702333.

    I know of a guy who's in the process of transferring to 7SCOTS at present and who has been in contact with 7SCOTS' trg maj regarding training with the unit while the transfer goes through and being backpayed for it so you may want to talk to him.

    Oh, and MTQ1 is very, very basic. As you said, you're already a trained soldier with two years behind you. Wouldn't some refresher training help? Say, for instance, a two-week OBUA/COIN camp in September..?
  10. Something that hasn't been mentioned is that your bounty will drop horribly if you transfer to OTC.
  11. Excuse the ignorance but...COIN?

    Still leaves me with the decision of transferring to 7SCOTS or the OTC. Like SO3 said and others they aren't going to give a hoot about what I've done with the TA it's life experience and what I've done with myself outwith the TA however I want to do some actual soldiering or as close it as I can get and from what I've heard there isn't much of this to be had at the majority of OTCs.
  12. The drop in bounty would be sorely missed being a student and all, although if I decided to join 7SCOTS and train with the OTC from time to time I would still keep the higher bounty no?
  13. COunter INsurgency
  14. If you become a TASO.
  15. COIN=COunter INsurgency. It's going to be a feature of 7SCOTS' annual camp this year.

    Antphillip is correct, the bounty for OTC officer cadets (yes, you can kiss being called a 'soldier' goodbye) is about 10% of what you'd get as a Jock; £1400 or so compared with something like £150.

    I'm sure there are lots of commited soldier-y types in the OTC. In fact, i've met a fair few of them. But i've also met a lot of biffas... Take the OTC for what it is, an army club for students. If you want to soldier and you're passionate about doing so, the only place to do it is with other soldiers.

    Do bear in mind that module three is about the limit of what you can acheive in the OTC... You're more than likely going to start from the bottom and, regardless of whether or not you're a bit rusty, you'll probably know more than a lot of the people that are above you in the OTC scheme of things (that's not an absolute truth, obviously, merely an observation).

    Oh, there's a point, what's your current location?