Actions On: encountering civpop.....

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by, Sep 21, 2004.

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  1. a.Greet him warmly and take a sincere interest in this new aquaintance?

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  2. b. Exchange prefunctory pleasanteries and return to your coterie of grovelling subordinates?

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  3. c. Completely ignore this sad amoeba?

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  4. d. Frantically try to recover lost ground when you are told that you have just stonewalled a newly a

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  1. Can I phone a friend on this one Chris???

    Post Script:

    or e. Just chill with your posse;

    because you are the best of a bad bunch you will get promoted in any event
  2. My handler's lawyer said now you're blue listed you're heading for the top :!:
    Never trust a Lawyer, last heard of working in Iraq for CRG
    Are you just as popular there??

    Disciplined by default
  3. Any response other than A. and you're in the wrong job.
  4. I think you are a little late
    With your advice
    Was he your mate?

    PTSD by PSD
  5. Thankfully not. I'm usually a little sharper, but I've had rather more than a sniff of the barmaids apron. :oops: :wink: