Actions for name change?

I'm considering taking out a deed poll to change my surname. I figure if I do this before I start training it'll be less hassle.
Would I just ring up the NRC tell them the new surname and they would update my details or would I have to provide proof of change? If so what exactly would I have to give to them and how? Send it off in the post or churn it over to the local AFCO?
Unusual , but not unheard of. I would imagine you would need a formal document via solicitor, otherwise it just looks like it's something you decided on the lash. Hyphenate it if you're ambitious and add VC and bar if you really want to reach for the stars.
You need the legal change of name deed and get in touch with your CSM......they will more than likely get you to go to the ACC for the Career advisor to confirm the deed.....this may take place at the pre enlistment docs stage. Having done dozens of these in the past on the old system it is straight forward however now it will be the NRCs call.

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