Discussion in 'REME' started by Tomo9700, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. Who will see more action out of being a metal smith or a VM ?
  2. Are we talking about women type action?
  3. Why? Are you a Potential Walt? Stay at home before you get somebody killed in your quest for glory
  4. Further clarification required. They both use big hammers to knock sh*t out of lumps of metal if that's what you mean?

    Metalsmith is better at making barbecues though.
  5. Out of genuine/non walting interest, is there a particulat trade in REME that is more likely to see action than any other or are all trades likely to get posted to ops at some point?
  6. Defo Recy Mechs!!!!
  7. if you are a metal smith then you will be doing menial tasks i.e. buffing up an empty 30mm round for someone to use as a door stopper.

    as a VM you will be fixing vehicles all day everyday and your best friends will be black n' nasty and a fine tuned squaddie ejusting tool.
  8. If you are a VM with an Infantry or Cavalry regiment LAD, you may well be fixing things or recovering things not far from the front, and as posted above even more so if you're a Reccy Mech.
    For a Metalsmith you are prob likely to be parked up with HQ sqn

    Then again you could be posted to a workshop/bn and be miles back making a nice garden gate for the ASM as a Metalsmith or spending your life in Coveralls as a VM

    If you genuinely want to see action mate join the Infantry or the like

    As for the question about OPS then nearly all trades go on tours, but depending on your trade some will get out of the gate more often than others
  9. If your asking because your trying to decide which trade to pick? Don't base it on Ops.

    VM is a crap trade with no real relation to civvie vm trade skills so its pretty useless for life after the army, however in the army its a better trade promotion wise than metalsmiths. Metalsmiths, theres very few of them and promotion after corporal is deadmans shoes.

    VMs are ten a penny in comparison, promotion is quick if you try for it. However your metal bending skills will get you a job in civvi street once you have done your class one, approved welders and ali courses.

    Being able to fix mil vehicles whose technology predates the dinosours is not what Mr BMW wants. Especially as you'll end up with city and guilds, possibly a HNC/HND (but possibly not in the future). Whereas school leavers will leave with the same quals and be cheaper to employ.

    Metal sticking is metal sticking, shipyards, manufacturers and Auto repairers want more metal stickers.

    By the way, Vm's usualy have more fun on Ops.

  10. Not done your MAN SV course then have you!
  11. I reckon as a VM's do more menial tasks while DSG do all the work...............pisses me right off the way things are these days.
  12. No but done probably more auto courses than you ever will including Aerc Actros. None of which realy qualifies you for FA in civvi street. Your welcome to try with a civvi firm. Dont be shocked when they dont phone you back.
  13. Gotta agree and I am a B-mech. I do think though that the old SEME equipment course certificate may help with proving experience with an employer.
  14. I was a Metalsmith for 12 years and deployed to NI, where i was dual tasked as a Civ Veh driver and Mtsm. The VMs did the same, so we were outside the wire as much as the grunts.
    When I went to Iraq as an Art Wpns, I was still outside the wire enough, as well as doing my day job.
    I have just left Iraq with the Aus Army and spent plenty of time outside the wire as an ASLAV commander.
    Being outside the wire is not 'all that', doing your part in the big scheme of things is what is important.
  15. Bloody retreads.