Acting WO2 assignments

It was inevitable that it would happen with the recent changes to REME policy in respect of promotion. I think it has been argued to death on whether it was right or wrong, and no amount of complaining will change it.

Lets just say with the introduction of VENG that the new rules were inevitable (FACT) the timing and how the world found out (rumours at first then a leaked letter oh and after the WO1 board as there would not have been enough otherwise) was the worst bit. But what's done is done and it's not going to change.

The point I am getting at is I think if we are all honest (plus there were a few ok a lot of rumours) we knew that the only possible solutions to the shortfall in WO2's was to:

1 - Hold another sweeper type board at a later stage.
2 - Place people into acting slots where required and hope to god that there were a few people eligible next year.

Well option 1 was never going to happen as that would be like admitting it was all a big mistake with no forethought into the possible aftermath!! However in the long run it would have probably have been the best option with a strap line released from either MCM / DEME A or even both, maybe "needs of the Corps" would have been a good one.

Which leaves us with option 2 which is an obvious quick fix and I suppose also makes a great deal of sense, happy with the logic!!!

HOWEVER there are a few things I believe need clearing up about this option to stop both the young and the old amongst us from getting the wrong idea:

1 - There was NO sweeper board!!
2 - It is ACTING rank (these people still have to come off next years board)
3 - It is NOT on merit!! People whos posting time has come up are the ones to get it.

By looking at the above, a few may get the idea that I am bitter and twisted but you would be wrong as with the amount of time I have remaining, none of this will ever affect me.

My bug bear is, that on a recent exercise (one of my last!!) I had the pleasure to meet 3 of the above mentioned fortunate persons and those which they command. One was known to me and the other two were not. One of these individuals was straight down the line and a good lad who openly admitted he was shocked to get the opertunity and a lucky git! the other two decided to tell their juniors that they had picked up on a sweeper and fully deserved it.

Hate to burst your bubbles boys!!! Take a long hard look and be honest with yourselves, MERIT!!! Extremely doubtful I'm affraid!! If it makes you feel better to convince yourselves that this is the case then so be it.

I appologise in advance to any of the readers that have been given this opertunity that are deserving and would have without a doubt been selected for promotion had the rules not been changed, I am sure you will be successful on Jans board.

But to those select few that are obviously deluding themselves, good luck on the board and remember you still need to be selected, there was no sweeper and pretty sure you have some of the crappy posting that no-one in their right mind wanted.

Rant over!!
I assume you are referring specifically to tiffys?

How could you have a sweeper board when almost everyone eligible was promoted on the main board.
I wrote this on another thread a while back

onemanbanned said:
As an aside...

Did anyone notice a few names missing from your SSgt Assignment Board this time round?

Oh thats because they have been given WO2 slots despite not even boarding on the SSgt-WO2 board.

Of course they couldn't tell you lot that now could they. After all you need all those years in Rank dont you?

From Page 187 of the Crafty this month (May)

The Corps Ethos Message

Arte 'By Skill'

Making it work Delivering a technical solution no matter what the problem

You have got to love them.
and got this back from Okimato

okimato said:

Be careful with your claims. Your "facts" are wrong and you are jumping to dangerous conclusions.

The way that REME Sldr Wg now is trying to be open in publishing lots of stuff on the web (unlike most other capbadges) seems to be leading to ill informed comment. Without all the facts it is wrong to comment. Glasgow works to a set of fairly rigorous rules. It would be anarchy if they just decided to do their own thing as an expedient. It would create precedents which would lead to plain unfairness.

Perhaps less should be published if it leads to such barbs.
Option 2 is alive and (un)well in our Corps. I could not offer up names of course but i knew it was happening, my dangerous conclusions are "facts"
Gunsrock you have been on the receiving end of 'the chosen few' mentality that has fed itself. If we can promote people (even as acting) without boarding them this is the predicament we leave ourselves open to.

I hope in the little time you have left you will at least take some hope in the fact that 1/3 of those polled were not totally deluded!
Cruise for the last little bit you have left, get your post Army options in a straight line and remember these last few years of madness as just that.
I can't even blame the weejies this time!
These people didn't board though VG, the rule changes had made that so.

They were not 22nd after 21 promoted. They just did not go to the board in the first place!
Some people saw this coming and it was voiced at a roadshow i went to. I would say the 'suck it up or sign off one' but it appears there were a few of those. ( :x RS Spanker).

Needless to say for transparent read translucent.
I know for a fact that there are at least 4 Art Vehs / 1 Art Wpns that were not eligible to go to this years board (as per the new rules) and who are currently listed on JPA as "Acting WO2's" and I assume doing the job / getting the pay. Whether these are all WO2 "postings" or shorter term slots (i.e. Op tours) I couldn't say! I know I wouldn't have minded a couple of the jobs myself though!

I do also know that at least one of the Art Vehs moved to this new job in Jan this year. This was obviously before the board results came out that he wasn't eligible to be on anyway!

One part of me says good luck to them (right place / right time and let's face it you wouldn't turn it down if offered would you!) but the other thinks how's that happened as rules are rules (and there's plenty of good eggs that should have a fair and equal shot this year (but for the rule change)!

I'm guessing you must be talking about a trade that can't really be filled up by the Warhammer lot when we're under the kosh.
I would like to think that if you got a 'Go to board' entry you would still be graded and wait until a slot came up. (Ever the optometrist :wink: )However, I can see the slot opening at the same time the bloke who came bottom of that trade was due posting too, whilst Capt Flash is busy dancing around IEDs and can't take the position.

Do the Artisans that now polyfill (historically) Tiffy posts not do that too? Take up the slack on the cheap and hopefully get VEng too, that should slow things up a bit.
Does everyone go in the same pot or are there trade specific/Tiffy/Artisan mini boards?

Its a hard knock life for sure.
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