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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SenPM, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Have been acting WO1 for a year and due to come out next April so will have been two years acting. Have done 22 years plus got a 5 year extension of which I will have almost done. Will I get an enhanced pension due to the two years acting? I may get substantive later this year but will have less than a year of that by next Apr.
  2. Only sub rank counts for pension
  3. Answer in the pension calculator!

    IIRC It asks you your acting rank.
  4. Bowmore_Assassin

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    When I held acting rank, I was informed that the time in acting rank counted towards your pension time but as 50%. So, example, 2 years in acting rank, counted as 1 year.

    Not sure if its true though !

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  5. Thank you, I have looked in the pension calculator but there doesn't seem to be much in it. Whatever I get, it will be most welcome!
  6. I'm intrigued by this thread!
    So you have achieved WO1 so obviously not thick...yet you ask a question in the NAAFI which is populated by ex army and never served and expect a serious answer? Is there no chief clerks anymore?
  7. The advice I received from my pay staff and confirmed by FPS is that acting rank counts one third of sub and that you need two years in rank for the pension if you are on afps 75. If you had say 18 months acting and 18 sub that would be good for pension.Talk to you pay people SPVA and FPS. Don't trust ARRSE on anything as important as money. SPVA can give you an accurate pension forecast but you have to apply in writing

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  8. You're a cunt. Because I can say it and get away with it.


  9. That's a questionable assertion.
  10. Exactly my thinking. A WO Man who doesn't know who to phone, lightweight.
  11. I asked this same question of SPVA and the Forces Pension Society (join them, it is worth it) a couple of years ago. SPVA just gave me some standard guff, which basically amounted to 'here are the rules, work it out for yourself'. The FPS advice was that you get your (in your case) WO2 pension, uplifted by a proportion of the full uplift between WO2 and WO1 based on the following: you must have completed at least one year in acting or substantive to qualify for something; acting rank counts as 'a third' per year (i.e 3 years in acting rank to qualify for the full uplift) and substantive rank as a half (i.e 2 years in substantive rank to qualify for the full uplift).

    The complicating factor was that I would have substantiated several months before leaving, so there is then a brilliant calculation to be done, where you work out what the full uplift would be, divide it by 36 (number of months to achieve the full uplift on acting rank), multiply by the number of months acting, and that is your uplift. If you spend any time in substantive, divide the full uplift by 24 and then multiply by number of months in substantive rank. Add the 2 together, and that is your uplift. BUT remember you have to have done at least 12 months in sub or acting, any less and you do not get the uplift.

    But as everyone says above - ask an expert, and get it in writing from SPVA!
  12. If you get sub can you not ask for another extension to make it up to the full 2 years. Always worth a try.
  13. Surely the OP would have been better off putting this in Soldier magazine letters page? :)

    I always thought that as acting rank carried with it the appropriate pay (same daily rate as the sub rank), then it accrued the pension uplift from day one of achieving acting rank? There again, I wasn't AGC (SPS), so claim no expertise whatsoever in this area.