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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gawa1966, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Can any one help !!!!

    Does any one no any rules to keeping acting rank and if so where?
    Is there a time scale and if so what is it ?

    If any one could help please post .......
  2. Acting rank is granted for a specific LSN where that LSN cannot or in the interests of the service is not filled by someoneof sub rank. Once the person is posted to another LSn he/she loses the acting rank. (unless its another acting rank. If the person becomes sub while acting and there has been no unbroken time in acting then the seniority date begins at the start of the acting rank.

    This is controlled by MCM. POHR/local rank is time limited and must be restarted every so many days (90 i think, but may well be wrong).

    More detailed question might give a more detailed answer though.

    Hope that helps.

    QR's refers, but sorrry no reference as i dont have it infront of me.
  3. Substitution Pay (or POHR in old terms) can be granted for up to six months by the CO, for someone doing a job that cannot be filled by the correct rank - as indicated by P-L. However, if a person of the correct rank takes post, then you lose the entitlement to Subst pay immediately. There is also a qualifying period of 21 days doing the job BEFORE you can receive the pay.
  4. Not unless the rules have recently changed; it was 90 days as outlined by Papa_Lazarou and it must be agreed by Bde - not the CO. Not at work, so cannot check!

  5. Sorry guys - checked JSP 754 and the CO can award SUPA for up to 6 months. Para 030813 refers. Substitution pay is a unit responsibility. Local rank however is a Bde responsibility to award.
  6. So to confirm if i am given Acting rank by APC for an appointment this summer (Aug 07) and promote substantive at Dec effective next summer (Aug 08) and there is no gap i will have my substantive date backdated to Aug 07 and be on Rank +1 not OA ?

    Sorry to be a RHQ mong