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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by boggy_loggy, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. does an individual, offr or OR need to be qualified for promotion in order to be granted acting rank? does local rank with POHR still exist?
  2. No I do not believe they do need to be qualified (e.g. MPC) but if they are not suitable for promotion I am not sure such action would taken. POHR is actually called Substitution Pay and is completely separate to Local or Acting Rank (you can be paid a higher rate but without actually wearing the rank).

    Hope this helps but a AGC Chappie might be able to magic up the exact regs; I base what I have told you on actually having been paid Subsitution Pay in the past whilst not allowed to wear the rank at the time...
  3. It be be usual for the individual to have the appropriate level of qualification and/or experience to be given acting rank. Acting rank usually means that you have been promoted from a board and indeed when you are promoted, there is an initial period of acting rank before being considered for substantive.

    As for local rank, local rank is unpaid and is 'local' only to your area. I do not beleive that local rank is granted alongwith POHR, as 'local rank' is 'local unpaid', it is usually one or the other, i.e local rank or POHR. Personally, I would rather have the POHR. It looks just as good on your ACR as you've been 'paid to do the job' and will have just as much an effect upon your promotion prospects as had you been 'local unpaid'.
  4. For acting rank you need to be qualified. Acting rank grants not only increased pay, but also seniority - this is important for pensions as it can bring forward your promotion date (12 months acting = 6 months seniority/advance of promotion to substantive rank).
  5. they will decide the rules as & when they want, OR is that what they did with me. :x :x :x :x

    i'm not bitter..............................honest 8O 8O 8O 8O
  6. Acting rank can be granted after substitution pay has been applied for 3 times running.
  7. are you sure? I was acting WO2 for 6 months before doing my CLM and WOQC cses.
  8. erm can you not also be promoted to Acting rank whilst still requiring courses/quals for substansive rank, CLMs spring to mind?
  9. You don't need to be qualified for acting rank, but you do require a recommendation for promotion on your CR in your substantive rank.
  10. i think different rules for Orrificers and ORs - certainly for POHR. ORs can be done in 3 months blocks, Offrs, every month.

    ref promotion, i'm sure i read somewhere that you have to be qualified for Acting - local rank is not an issue, formation comd can grant local, but authority for acting has to come from MCM?

    is this correct or rumour???
  11. If you are in acting rank for sometime i.e over a year what happens about increaments etc?
  12. As an OR, your 'acting rank' is reviewed every 6 months I believe, for 18 months. After that, if they don't make you substantive, you revert back. I might be wrong here but that was what was explained to me a few years back.
  13. All WO2s are acting until they pass the relevant CLMs, then of course, if the CLMs are not completed within a year you lose the rank.

  14. I was told that i would recieve my substansive rank after 6 months, yet i was still acting 4 years later.

  15. I think I'm right in saying that it's reviewed every 6 months for a total of 18 months after which if you don't get substantive you revert. I've never heard of anyone being acting for 4 years though. You'd be best speaking to Glasgow or one of your clerks.