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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by jonah1163, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. hi just a quick question . ive been offered a acting csgt post ( getting paid ) i,am on the old pension scheme, ive got 2 yrs left in the army but i have a option to do 24 , if i do acting rank for 2 yrs and sign off will i get pensioned of as a csgt or sgt cheers
  2. I think you have to be sub for a year to get teh pension.

    Take the job, it may well lead to you getting sub CSgt which would be nice.
  3. CF you're mistaken. I was an acting WO2 for 2 years despite being selected for promotion (couldn't be pestered doing CLM) and when I left I got the full WO2 pension. In fact I got more than the pension calculator had assessed.

    This was in 2010 so I don't know if the rules have changed.
  4. Still a final salary pension Til 2014; so my understanding is that If you hold that acting rank for two years then your pension will be based on that pay scale.
  5. I'm mistaken then. Always thought it went n sub rank.
  6. You have to do two years in Substansive Rank for pension purposes. If its Acting Rank, you have to do three years.
  7. There you go then: I was close!
  8. Time spent at acting rank counts one third for pension purposes, I had 10 months acting then a year reverting befpre picking up the sub rank. My 10 months acting mean that I couold leave slightly ear;lier and still get the full benefit of the new rank
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  9. Previous posters are right in saying that in AFPS 75, for an OR, two years in the higher rank in their last five years service, either substantive or acting, results in the full pension at the higher rank. (For officers it is two years substantive or three years acting.) If you do more than one year but less than two, you get a proportionate uplift. (For officers, it is more than one year but less than two or three years, depending upon whether substantive or acting). Less than one year in the higher rank does not attract an uplift in pension.

    So, for example, an OR who has 18 months in the higher rank during his or her last five years service (be that in one stretch or added together)would get three quarters of the difference between the the lower and higher rank's pension code added to the lower rate.
  10. I was posted into a job as an acting (paid) Sgt in Sep 2009. Still in the job, got my redundancy and out this Dec (volunteered). My question is, will I get a Stripeys or a Full screws pension. The forecast I got in the redundancy pack was for a Stripeys but when I go on JPA it obviously says I'm acting Sgt, sub Cpl. Any ideas?
  11. As you have done more than two years in the higher rank (albeit acting) your pension will be in the higher rank.

  12. Speaking as someone who pulled the pin in '83 having been a SSGT for 18 months, and am due my preserved part-pension next year, you've made my day!
  13. Happy to give good news when I can.
  14. Wonder if you can help.
    I have served 23yrs exactly in the army and have been an acting SSgt for 22 months, taking into account the new pension system that has come into effect would I qualify for a SSgt pension, or if not now when would I need to serve until?

    Thanks in advance