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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Speedboat, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. can someone tell me how long you can stay in an acting Rank
  2. 18 months. If you take and pass CLM in those 18 months then you keep the rank.

    In theory, however there are exceptions to every rule.
  3. Thank you for the info , I have held the Rank for three Years , I was given the rank even though i was P 7 and have now been told that i am to revert to CPL
  4. 18 months if you have been selected for promotion.

    6 months if you have not been selected for promotion. After 6 months the CO has to apply and to justify to extend for another 6 months. Acting rank has to be approved by MCM Div. If the management has scewed up and not reapplied every 6 months MCM Div can reduce you back to substansive rank and reclaim back overpayment of wages.

    The claiming back of wages is a bit harsh as it is not the individual's fault, except you are expected to manage your own career (I know that bit is a joke, but that's the policy) so best be prepared.
  5. What kind of exceptions are there to the rule. some one once told me that if you held the rank for more than 12 months you could not revert , do you know if this is true.
  6. Exceptions meaning that even if a SoCinc directive says one thing then your CO can still do the complete opposite.
  7. I was not told at the time I was promoted that I was acting and only was told 6 months later by the co , I was allso told I hade to get mess kit , that i did , I feel that i have been wrongly treeted how can i sort out this mess that they have put me in .
  8. No it's not true.

    So you have not been selected for promotion to Sgt.

    Your acting rank was for the good of the service. Your service at that rank is no longer required.

    What I would be asking is that if you have been doing the job for 3 years then your SJAR should state that your performance has been above that expected as you are a Cpl for the past 3 years.

    Why haven't you been selected for promotion?
  9. I was selected for promotion to Sgt. and it was published that i picked up off the board , that is the bit I dont understand and their is still the need for me to carry on in the rank . SJAR state's that my performance has been above that expected as a Cpl for the past 3 years.
  10. We have a new Adj and he wants to get rid of ded wood so to say .
  11. So for 2 1/2 years you have known that you are acting rank.

    You just revert to substansive rank!

    Granted it's not good man managemant, but what mess?
  12. Should I get in tuch with Glasgow ?
  13. Or is he correcting errors?

    So you were told that you came off the board and then 6 months later told that it was a mistake. You were lucky to have kept the rank for another 2 and a half years. A situation that can't go on forever.
  14. Or at least a basic English course.
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  15. What will MCM Div do?

    Confirm that you were not selected for promotion?