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I've tried searching the forums but to no avail; I am also unable to access DII in my current location and so can't get hold of JSP 754.

I'm about to be appointed to a post in acting higher rank; the post is not rank ranged and I fulfil all of the prerequsites for the higher rank (ie: promotion recommendation yes or better, seniority etc). The post in question involves a long (circa 18 month) period of pre-joining training. At which point am I eligible for AHR? I've heard various dits to the effect that I am entitled to AHR on starting the training, others that the AHR is granted from the day I assume the post. Could someone give me a steer as to which is correct?

The pay is not much of an issue and I will accrue enough years of service in the higher rank in order to gain the pension; it is more the fact that having AHR for the duration of training will give me a chance of being treated like an adult during my time on course (having been at the same establishment as a junior).

Grateful for any advice,

If the PID is not rank ranged then you should be posted in to that PID in the rank that is required of that post also if you have a posting order for this new job it should tell you what rank you will be wearing (Acting or not).
Why don't you ask your Career Manager - damn site quicker than waiting for an answer on here which may or may not be right.

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