Acting Rank

If your unit applies for Acting rank so you can carry out the duties of one rank up what is the process? Do Glasgow decide and how do they go about this?
Acting Rank is applied for via Glasgow and issued (IIRC) for six months at a time.

If you're serving, log onto ArmyNet and have a peek at QR's, it's all in there for you to read.
POHR/Supp pay is applied for and granted 6 months at a time.

Acting Rank is applied for via Glasgow by your CoC and if granted is given until either

A) You are promoted in to that Rank or
B) The PID is filled with someone already of that rank.
i would suggest that the exact specifications were in the clerks office in a jpa manual since a lot of stuff changed when it came in as per DIIN's issued in the past

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