Acting rank whilst on tour

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ulsterman82, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. i have a mate who wants to know if he can get paid acting rank whilst on tour in afghan? he is currently there and has been told that he wont get it because hes already in theater is this true? as i have heard of people getting it in the past.
  2. 2 different things here. Substitution pay, to the rank one above you (even should you be filling a rank 2 ranks up) is payable at the end of the period substituting if authorised, as best I know it is in no way predicated upon your actual location and merely that you perform a role established for a substantive rank at least one above your pay grade.

    Acting rank requiring approval and I believe a minimum of 1 positive promotion rec to that rank. You can get the pay without carrying the rank but again, no idea why it should depend on where he actually is.
  3. I agree with the above, you can not deploy on Ops in an acting rank (pensions rights etc). If he is doing a job expected of a higher rank then he must apply for substitution pay which can be payed straight away and backed paid. It will need the CoC buy in and support.
  4. Now that makes no sense at all, how did I deploy on 2 tours, one as a local rank the other as acting (you get paid as the rank for the latter). We had guys who were acting Majors, local Lt. Col. And a brief trip to the Memorial chapel in RMAS would swiftly educate you on how many local and acting died in those ranks.
  5. Wrong, you cannot have local rank on Herrick. You can get acting. I was told it is due to all the financial details (i.e. more money for dependants or self) if you get whacked or FUBARed when I deployed as an acting Captain. Needs to be squared before you deploy ideally or you end up with this mess.
  6. Exactly! You can deploy as Acting rank and not local. You can only go one above your substantive rank, also. There were times of early Helmand where some blokes were Acting SSgts, local WOs...not bad for a Sgt!

    There was a change in the policy (publicised story from a widow who challenged it) that if the unfortunate happened on tour, you would be pensioned at the acting rank, not substantive.
  7. I'm pretty sure that you can't get acting on tour now because of that ruling. I'm no expert, and could be wrong but I remember some controversy around this on H12
  8. You can deploy acting, you are not allowed to be made local for reasons stated above
  9. Rgr, I knew there was some rule...
  10. Thanks il pass it on!
  11. SUPA (substitution pay) is not admissable for Op Tours as stated in the JSP 754 ... If a unit need an individual to deploy in a higher rank then they MUST apply for acting rank ... Acting rank (not local) is pensionable SUPA is not. This ruiling changed a little while ago due to a senior officer being killed in theatre who was local rank and his wife sued the MOD for pension rights for the rank he was wearing and won .... hope this helps.
  12. How I laughed when I took someone down several pegs when he was giving it the big "I am" about being a Captain & I would he was substantive 2Lt, Acting Lt, Local Captain...
  13. Reminds me of the Bullshit Colonels (a polite Russian term) who in one case was Captain, Acting Major, Local Lt. Col., given that he was 27 and the Russians attached to us knew more about our Officer career structure than we had assumed, they did not give the said individual the respect, he thought, he deserved!
  14. A slightly more specific question.

    I recently switched battalion to fill a role on H16. I have been told that although I am qualified, in a PID that entitles me to it and doing that job on tour I am not entitled to the acting rank (although apparently local rank doesn't exist.... although it clearly does) because I am still in a PID at my old battalion (double-PIDed) and I have to be paid at the lower of the two.

    This annoys me at my battalion seem to be the ones putting the breaks on - others who are fairly junior to me have acting rank from their units. Can anyone advise me as to exactly what pay I am entitled to, and when I should have started getting that pay? (One of the junior blokes is getting paid at the rank of the tour PID since the start of PDT).

    Sorry to be a cnut moaning about cash when there are bloked getting made redundant, but it would be nice for the army to hold up its side of the deal for once!
  15. Are you an IA or part of a formed deployable unit.

    Did you receive an assignment order?

    Lots of variables that will determine the situation, for example, is the unit you are with employing someone else in the rank instead of you etc.