Acting Rank Still Around?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Sgt_Sticky_Plaster, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I was told recently that 'Acting' rank no longer existed. Is this correct? My understanding is this:
    Local rank - given temporarily, say, for a course and is not paid
    Acting rank - given when say, newly promoted and lasts around 6 months until you 'prove' yourself and is paid at that rank
    Substansive - permanently in that rank and are paid for it (usually after 6 months of being Acting)

    Can anyone shed any light please?
  2. You're right. I was acting in rank till I did my SCLM, but my Seniority date went from when I picked up, as did the money. Local is what they give to kids to do their PTI course
  3. It depends. You can have acting rank, however, it is for a 6 month period of grant by your CO. Every 6 mths, the CO has to re-sign the authority or remove the rank.

    An individual will be acting rank after he has been promoted until he completes his Special to Arm CLM, he will then be substantive.

    Afghanistan is full of individuals of acting rank, this can be most ranks, even from the highest level. You can only be appointed an acting rank, one above your substantive. So, if you have been selected to WO2 and not completed CLM and deploy, you cannot go into an acting WO1 position as your substantive rank is SSgt. There is no local rank on operations.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. thank you blobmeister that's really useful and thank you Papagolf for your reply.
  5. In theory you can be Local, Temporary and Acting, so LCpl is able to be a CSgt by title. Very, very, rarely occurs.
  6. So what you are saying is:

    Substansive LCpl
    Acting Cpl
    Temporary Sgt
    Local SSgt

    I served in every rank from Pte to WO1 and was attached to more units than I can recall and as far as I am concerned thats bollocks.

    If you know that it has ever happened give us names and units.
  7. Read the regs you internet tough nut. I said it was rare but it has happened. However you getting beyond local LCpl would be more than odd.
  8. What is a 'temporary' rank, as mentioned? I'm familiar with the others (substantive, local, acting) and their regulations, but have never heard of this?
  9. Please give me a link to this "Temporary Rank". A QR's reference would do. I've never heard of it.
  10. The 'tosser' is strong tonight.
  11. 21st of foot - genuinely wasn't a dig at you. Just interested in it, and how it differs from the other two types, which are in themselves temporary ranks.

    I don't think that a LCpl can be a CSgt, local, acting, temporary or otherwise. Unless of course he is getting married, carrying an Officers sword and wearing some buckshee medals.
  12. Acting rank allows your CO to demote you back down to your previous rank if you prove not to be up to the job. Once in a substansive rank (Cpl and above) Your CO cannot "bust" you down even if you are on orders for being a naughty boy. Only a Courts Marshal can demote you. A CO can demote a substansive L/Cpl. This was correct 20 odd years ago but I suspect nothing has changed in this department.
  13. Major AGAI action allows demotion (IIRC, without the paperwork in front of me). No Courts Martial - believe it or not, in some things the army moves on. Although I can still form Column of Route from line on the march, which has been immensely useful in my career to date.
  14. Fair few holding Acting rank in the Birthday Honours List so it must be going strong. Well done one and all.
  15. Pay of higher rank or sub pay is granted for 6 month and has to be re-evaluated every 6 months.

    Acting Rank is granted to a person for as long as as required but can be taken away if:

    The person wearing no longer meets the requirement for the job, i.e. fails to be recommended for promotion to that rank
    The PID is filled with someone of the required rank in which case the previous incumbent goes back to their sub rank
    The person with acting rank is promoted to fill the PID.

    I was in an acting slot for 18 months before being promoted to that rank.