Acting Rank Sgt for 3yrs and drop back in CPL

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by HFHCDR, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Good afternoon to all,
    I have been greanted Acting Rank of Sgt 3yrs ago for to do instructor job.I did my best , CR from 1 RO and 2 RO was very good in last 3 CR strongly recommanded and very good content, but 3 RO who never seen me he said because vacancy i willn't promote.I couldn't , but now they are going promote from my PL . who was 2 yrs jounior than me.I am still on same place because of compasante reason and posted around here in next mth but i am going to lost my Sgt.I don't know what i do?moral is really low.Thank you.
  2. Say all again in English..........over
  3. lol thats what i was going to say, but back on topic work hard outshine your peers and learn english
  4. Nothing heard out
  5. and why are you so bothered about drop in acting rank if your getting out in 4 years nothing to do with pension as that goes on substantive rank doesn't it?
  6. No, acting as well at least with FTRS. Local means squat.
  7. You really are going to have to help me out here. No, really.
  8. If you are an acting rank and below the quality line then you would be reverted to original rank. There are a number of slots within units for promotion, these are limited.

    You will, as an acting rank, be taking up one of these slots. As I do not know what you do, I cannot comment on why decisions are made but in essence if you are taking up a slot and an individual is in your unit has passed all the right course and has been selected for promotion etc. then they are going to be found a slot.

    It looks like it is your slot, although I hasten to add, not your job just your PID.

    Dems da rules.

    Solution; make a balanced decision - Compassionate issue vs Work progression. If work progression wins out then back to the unit and off on courses to get your appropriate quals. If compassionate issue wins out perhaps it is time to reconsider whether you are in the right employment.
  9. Just as an aside, has the education for promotion idea been scrapped now?

    There used to be a minimum level of English (among other stuff) required before you would be qualified for promotion to SNCO.

    Is it seen as discriminatory or something now?
  10. You are correct my dear, but it appears that someone's Basic Skills appear to be lacking. Not that I would know anything about that. At all. Ever.
  11. Someone will be better able to substantiate this (I haven't got time to look through the regulations at the mo) but isn't there a time cap for holding acting rank? Three years seems a bit long.


    Forget my last. It looks as though there isn't. But it must be career-fouling if held for any substantial length of time.