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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Steve1434, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. Hi

    I have a concern that I may not be able to complete the SCLM before my 12 months acting rank expires. I started wearing Jan 24th 2012. I attended the first available SCLM (June 12) but due to an injury (broken rib) I got medic'd off. I re-submitted for the course twice and was told that glasgow will load me on automatically anyway, so all bases covered.


    Nothing has been heard and I am always calling the training wing to get the response - your name is down but they haven't loaded the courses yet! I have now found out that all courses are full, and my name is not down. Does this mean that because of this I am back to Cpl as from Jan 13? I have applied to all that I can. The job I do does not leave much time and I am currently on a 14 month deployment rotation.

    I haven't even completed 9 years service yet, so yes you could say time is on my side, but momentum has been lost and thus morale. I am left with a sour taste as the choice to get loaded onto the SCLM is not in my control, and was informed that you have only a 12 month window - regardless of ops - to complete it in.

    Does this sound right or do I have any grounds for extending my acting period? My main fear is that with the next round of redundancies coming I may be eligible, and may find myself jumping at it!!!

    Cheers All

  2. Your OC should be able to get an extension from APC due to your operational commitments. Your OC should have had his eye on this, out of interest how long did it take to recover from injury and can you honestly say you've done everything that you could to get loaded? It all seems a little last minute.
  3. Take a gander at the CLM Policy Handbook, Chap 1, (Para 12 a (1) to be specific. Blocks of 6 month extensions can be granted by the relevant Col MS in exceptional circumstances. You will of course have to have the backing from your CofC
  4. It isn't the end of the world, but you will be bumped down the priority list by those that come of the next board and whose Units give a **** about it's soldiers.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys.

    spaz - I recovered after a few weeks and applied for the next available course, and have been harrassing the training wing ever since, to the point where I was told to stop and let my CoC deal with it.

    CAARPS - I have mentioned this now thanks and will see what falls out of it - the drama I have is that I have been deployed since Sept which goes through to 1st April, then 1st of June I am due out in a different theatre, the two months inbetween consist of 6 weeks PDT in a few different countries. I would in theory need two six month blocks. The deployment I am currently on allows for me to get away for it as I can arrange cover with some notice.

    I am getting peeved trying to get sence out of my CoC - also, whats the priority for loading? Is it because I have already had a crack at the whip that I am no longer a priority?


  6. MAD_FERRET - I hear you, but if thats the case I will be out of here! Can't handle the fact that being let down by your CoC means you suffer a couple years potentially! I get annoyed with the whole 'its your career' but then get told 'wind your neck in' when you try and push it forwards
  7. Steve, you need your OC onside, request an interview and lay your cards on the table. He's the bloke who needs to speak to Glasgow and should also touch base with your Trg Wing if you're being fucked about.

    If your OC is a muppet explain your concerns to your Sgt Maj and let him approach the OC.

    If you hassle the Trg Wing yourself you'll just end up getting someone's back up.
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  8. I do have proof of this from the chain of emails, but having to resort to this is madness. I will however follow it through as its my career and has so far been pretty good I reckon, and worth the hassle of getting it sorted.
  9. If you are not getting anywhere seriously consider a service complaint. There are strict timelines that have to be adhered to once you start. You will undoubtedly get people's backs up but it's your life and your career
  10. Service complaint and career foul, two words that should get the ball rolling
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  11. Service complaint, yes. Career foul gets bounded around too much lately and the phrase is losing credibility in my opinion - people saying they're being career fouled by not getting their posting of choice, people saying they're being career fouled because they didn't fill in their own objectives on JPA, people saything they're being career fouled by not being allowed to go on a surfing course.

    Stick to the facts, be firm but don't be a dick and if all else fails go for the Service Complaint.
  12. Steve,

    To gain sub rank you need to have completed the arms&service part of the SCLM within the first 12 months, as you mentioned and others your CoC need to speak to MCM for an extension. once that is complete you need to speak to Trg Wg to get you loaded onto the 2wk education phase or speak to the local AEC and they can give you a list of when the courses are being run worldwide.
  13. I haven't even completed 9 years service yet, so yes you could say time is on my side, but momentum has been lost and thus morale.[/QUOTE]
    Are you a tech? Boohoo. Maybe Glasgow is thinking "**** him he's not even done 9 years yet, people who have been longer in rank take priority, people who haven't managed to get on the course either" Dig in you'll get on it eventually
  14. Not entirely true, your priority drops the longer you have been in rank and the longer it takes you to book the course. Priority goes to those that have been self motivated and book themselves on the course within 12 months of doing their part 1 CLM. If you havent booked yourself on a course due to operational reasons then you will likely be a priority 1A any other reason you will drop in in the pecking order and lets face it, if you havent got your shit together and completed the courses required of that rank then you most likely shouldn't be in that rank.
  15. Yes but you have been trying to, your CoC will (or should) see that and should fight your corner for you. The Signals has loads of people who have been avoiding the course like a dose cos they know they'll do shite or can't be arsed to get their phys up, and they seem to get away with it. I didn't know the bit about the priority though, as mentioned previously use the Service Complaint procedure so that at least you'll have it documented that you've been actively pursueing another attempt