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A friend of mine was deployed to Herrick where she held the rank of LCpl (methinks the PID was for Lcpl for a start), however she was never paid as a LCpl. Despite going to the RAO numerous times she (foolishly) took their word that it would be sorted out, obviously it hasn't and now she's back. I assume it was an acting paid rather than SUPA (which isn't paid on tour I believe??)

Whats the best course of action for her to take do you reckon? She's got CRs etc that have her marked down as LCpl so there's proof of it. she's on her POTL at the moment and due to go back to her unit soonish, but shes only attached to them (as a medical type) and usually they are not very forthcoming to help her as being "not one of them".

She wants me (as a unit HR type) to write a letter for her to JPAC informing them about it, however with plenty of experience of JPAC I can imagine that being no use whatsoever. I can raise an I-support as her, but they'll say "go to your unit hr" methinks, I can raise one through one of my many accounts but her not being on my strength I'm not sure if they'll roll with it..

Any ideas where to start? I know the most likely cause of action is to speak to her admin staff when she returns to post, but I reckon she'll just get fucked off at the high port again.
was she local acting? as in unpaid? which would account for her not getting paid for it.
Check with the CofC and see which PID she was occupying on the OET. If she was occupying a PID one rank up then an application for acting rank should have been submitted by the CofC to the relevant soldier wing at Glasgow, who then action the request for 6 months or the duration of the tour (whichever is the longest) - this then generates the change of pay.

There is no local rank on ops (this is stated in the mounting instruction) but there are one or two occasions when you can still get paid SUPA.

Fairly sure when I saw the instructions last summer the PID was for a LCPL, can't seem to find them anymore though. I'll get her to check but I'm 90% sure it was acting paid

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