Acting Rank Problems

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wg100, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Was mobilised for a tour last year, during which in the TA world I reached the date for promotion to Lt. Rightly or wrongly, the CO in theatre saw fit to give me the promotion on the basis of the letter from TA MCM Div. However after several months of enquiring (after the promotion), it finally emerged that I shouldn't have been given the promotion as you are mobilised in a rank and stay at it whilst mobilised.
    However, the Adjutant (and CO) assured me that an application for pay of acting rank would be submitted (and apparantly was in Jan). However I am now back in the UK and chasing up the issue as I have not heard anything, nor seen any back pay.
    I have asked my TA Adjt to chase this up, with no joy. The TA welfare officer, with no joy (as in results - he has been trying!).
    I am now at a loss for what to do. It wouldn't have been a drama if they had said at the time I wouldn't get the pay, but the inference was that I would receive the extra pay. I've been told that the paperwork has been sent off to 'Glasgow' (again, implying that back pay should appear at some time). Where in 'Glasgow', nobody knows. JPA presents an ideal opportunity to slope shoulders, so I am simply bashing my head against a brick wall.
    I'd be grateful for some advice on how to proceed.
  2. Take all correspondence to your solicitor and issue proceedings in the small claims court against MoD (assuming the sum in question is less than £6k IIRC). If you were owed money by your civi employer you would sue without batting an eyelid.
  3. The problem is that there is nothing in writing (except, I presume, for the supposed Acting Rank application) that I have. Everything has been discussed in person or via the phone. There are however, plenty of people who know about this.
  4. I'm not sure if there's a difference between the way it works with officers and junior ranks, but, as a reservist I was given a promotion by the CO of the regiment I was with. It stood until I was demobilised.

    Apart from helping with the position I was in, it also managed to sort out my pay, as despite 7 years previous service upon mobilisation I ended up with the same pay as a bod in phase one (In Iraq for £35p/d).

    Apologies if the above isn't pertinent to your case.
  5. Bump - anyone able to help?
  6. WG - here's what the gang here think.

    If you received Acting Rank whilst deployed, this assumes that you were mobilised into a LSN that was suitably rank-ranged. Check this is true.

    Next, if your MCM Div have authorised it, then frankly that's all the approval you need in terms of getting your money.

    And finally, it's all too easy for these things to slip through the cracks when dealing with mobilised TA soldiers. May I suggest that you identify the relevant desk people at MCM and get them to chase it; or if you don't fancy this, ask the RAO to nail down the paperwork internally - JPA is not an excuse in this matter - hard copy WILL have been sent to your unit!
  7. I'm not sure about the mobilised LSN, however when I deployed, the LSN I filled in theatre was (I believe) OF1-OF2.
    As I am infantry capbadged, do I assume that the Adjutant (of a multi-cap badge Bn) would have approached Inf MCM Div?
    Where can I find the appropriate contact details?

    My TA unit has no idea about this at all. Have approached the RAO and been directed back to the unit I was mobilised to join... That unit insists paperwork has been sent off... I feel like I'm going round in circles here...

    Thanks for the help so far.
  8. WG - you would have been mobilised to fill an actual LSN i.e. J1311 or similar. That LSN would have been (possibly) tied to a service, capbadge and rank - possibly ranged. Anyhoo...

    What is clear in the mind of my live-in expert is that you are entitled to your dosh. That said, there may well be something in the background that we don't have visibility of, or indeed some colossal fcukup has been made and you shouldn't have received Acting Rank at all.

    One other thing - there is no such thing as Local Rank on Ops - just bear that in mind in case they try that approach... ;)
  9. The longer this drags on, the more I think the latter is the case...

    Oh well, will let people know how this turns out...
  10. Acting rank is a very simple process and is applied for and paid using an AFW 3343. In the JPA era the form has not yet changed but the task can be carried out at unit level on JPA. I am not sure why you would not have been promoted to Lt as I do not know your circumstances. I do have some concerns with your statement regarding the post being rank ranged as you are not permitted to be granted acting rank for a rank ranged post. The Adjt and CO of the unit you were deployed with should have known this. The fact that the job is "rank ranged" suggests that it can be carried out by someone as either a 2Lt or Lt so there is no authority to grant acting. So if that is the case I am afraid under the current rules you would not be entitled to acting rank or pay. This is all laid down in TA Regs which are available via Armynet and all admin/Adjt should have copies of said publication.