Acting rank pay query

I've been told today by The Powers That Be, that due to a recent posting out of my unit and no immediate replacement incoming, I'm possibly going to be given an acting rank until a) someone else suitably qualified for the position is posted in or b) if I come off the board next year I get the job permanently. No chicken counting or cartwheel turning just yet, I'll believe it when it's on my rank slide. HOWEVER, I'm due my last increment for my substantive rank this November. Does anyone know if, by wearing (and being paid at) acting rank, I will forfeit this increment if I'm still acting up come November? The main reason for asking is that, if I were to receive the increment, my substantive rank would pay more than the acting rank I'm allegedly about to wear.
Acting rank can be given to fill a gap in the establishment within the unit, I would take the Acting rank, if offered as it would be reflected in your SJAR that you had held acting rank, you still get more money and it would not affect any sub rank.

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