Acting rank on SJAR...any advice?!

Can anyone help:

I came off the Sgt's board a few months ago, and am currently wearing my A/Sgt whilst I wait for my CLM (where upon completion, my seniority will then be backdated to the date of the board results)...
...I've just recieved my SJAR, and ive no dramas with it, but I'm not sure what rank its being given as. In the details section, it has me as a Cpl, but in the write up it has me as A/Sgt.
Does this inconsistency matter (I'm guessing it does) and will this affect any future promotion's as this should be backdated when I pass my CLM?

I'm not an SJAR Guru (obviously), and my line manager wasn't overly clear in explaining it. Any advice or explination in laymans term would be great!


Your SJAR is in your substantive rank (Cpl, in your case) but should reflect any acting rank in the narrative to show that you are currently working at higher rank. If your recent promotion board result has not yet been ratified by Glasgow pending CLM then it sounds like it is fine.

Your seniority will be backdated to the date of the board, but your SJAR will stand as written, but will not act against you as it shows you were acting as a Sgtbduring the reporting period.


I'm no expert either but that sounds correct to me. The details will contain your current substansive rank which is Cpl however the write up clarifies that you are already wearing your Sgt. I think that can only be seen as a good thing!

Hope this helps!
Thanks, that's cleared it up. Glad there isn't an issue, it just seemed strange that there was two ranks involved. (..obvious 'over grade' for effective intelligence then! ;)
The front sheet of your SJAR should stipulate that you are in Substantive Rank Cpl but also Acting Rank Sgt which is then reflected in your narrative and gradings, your narrative should also state where you are positioned i.e. top third of x cpls or sgts (this will clarify you have been graded in the right rank group). Note: are you aware that you need to achieve your SCLM within a certain period of coming off the board, check with your Admin, as APC have the right to remove the rank if its not completed(doesnt happen often but I have come across one case). Also, if you have been served your report with the other Sgts this should be up to 30th November not a massive issue but likely APC will send back if it shows end of reporting period 30th November 2012 and you were served it and accepted electronically a month early. Hope this helps


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Eighteen months grace to complete SNCO CLM 1, that is easy enough as long as you have Literacy and Numeracy quals at Level 2, so you can attend the SNCO CLM. If you don't then better hop straight to nearest AEC and get them. Can put a serious dent in your career, and there is no longer any way round this issue, you must have the quals, cant wait until they introduce the IT qual as well, blood pressure in the WO & Sgts Mess will go through the roof.......
Having had the same experience I am sure that your SJAR will fall in the Sgt bracket. I am no authority but I'm sure that because you are acting because you're awaiting CLM means that you are reported on as a Sgt and the SJAR will be read by the sgt -SSgt promotion board, when eligibility is met. This so you won't be disadvantaged on future boards by being a report behind (the assumption being that you will get on CLM in time and pass) when substantiation and seniority is back dated. This only applies when acting due to pending CLM, if acting for other reasons the above posts apply.
Hope this helps

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Sat at home so don’t have the JSP handy, but have to agree with Smudge-Rare-Name. Normally reports should be in substantive rank, however in the case of those holding selected for promotion holding Acting Rank awaiting CLM they are to be reported on in the Acting Rank.
Can anyone tell me what I should be reported on this year, I was a Pte in April 2012, I then came off the board in Oct, pidded into lcpl and wearing from November, passed the JNCO course in Febuary 2013. Will I be reported on as a Private or Lance Corporal?


Thanks for the helpful reply, my boss seems to think I will be reported on as Pte but another colleague at a different regiment will be reported on as a lcpl and has very similar timings of promotion to me. It seems to be a waste of a reporting year if we were to be reported on a Pte having already be made substantive lcpl, but hey, it's the army.

Kind regards

Are you substansive LCpl? If you are what is your seniority date?

I ask because you are right, there is no point in reporting on you as a Pte if you are already a sub LCpl.

You may need a delayed SJAR to give you the 6 months in rank period.

If you are still acting due to CLM you should fall into the LCpl reporting period.

If you are just acting (I.e given LCpl by the unit to temporarily fill the PUID) and you are waiting for a posting into a sub LCpl spot or substantiating by MCM Div, then you will be reported on as a Pte and will need a recommendation to remain selected, even though you have been selected and completed the relevant courses.

I hope the above makes sense.

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