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What is the score with acting rank and acting appointments. If the OC is off for 6 - 12 months (New Baby) does the 2ic automatically take over?

Should the 2ic expect to recieve official notification that they are assuming the OC's duties?

Should the 2ic expect local/tempory/acting rank or pay of a higher rank? At what stage should this kick in? Are there any regulations that relate to this?

If the 2ic has been doing the OC's job for 4 - 5 months and leaves the unit on posting should there be an OJAR or insert to cover it? (Been told not to expect it as posting is in the middle of the reporting period. Can an idividual officer insist on being given a report to cover a period?
If you are doing the job of the OC in her absence you can claim Substitution Pay (what used to be pay of higher rank) for up to 6 months. For longer periods a justification letter needs to be raised. Covering for the OC should be mentioned in your OJAR but doesn't (or didn't in my case) raise an insert. Sub Pay is/was applied for monthly IIRC and mine got paid in 3 month blocks which was rather nice.

Sub pay does not carry any entitlement to local rank. that would be for you boss to put up the chain. Acting rank is a whole different ballgame. Your admin office/adjt/Desk officer should be able to help you here, but for sub pay as long as your CO is willing to say yes you are doing the job and yes he agrees then you should get the dosh (JPA permitting)

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