Acting lance-jack ?! No JPA, he is substansive

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by depot_donkey, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Lad in my unit has had nothing but dramas with JPA since he was posted in, it looked like it was all finally sorted but yet another problem has sprung up!

    He is a substansive Lance-Jack, and has been since January, however he has received the assignment order on JPA for an Op Tour coming up soon and it states he is deploying as an acting Lance-Corporal - in fact he should be deploying as acting full screw if he doesn't come off the screws board next month....

    ...speaking of which, will his CR even go in front of the board if some numpty somewhere thinks he still an acting Lance Jack? There are some serious issues with clerks not doing their job...or is it JPA?!
  2. Tell him to call SPVA.

    For once in your lives will you listen to "Clerks have fuck all to do with your pay or your lives - it's self service"

    If you want further information on this feel free to PM me.

    You fucking waster.

    That's all I have to say about that really.

    Dale T Snail
  3. Nonsense, AGC means "Accepts Gross inCompetence" :twisted:
  4. When we have to work with ********* like you, is that any surprise?

    Ladies and Gents, I do believe my bluff has been called.

    I want Halo as my second.

    That's fucking fighting talk sweetcheeks. I hate the AGC more than you, but if you call me gross again, you die. Understand? :twisted:
  5. Nothing strange there, problem being the bean counters are at there work and as we all know they are the curse of service people.
  6. You can tell you are not a clerk.

    When you are ready to take me on, let me know.
  7. I missed "Prick" off the end there, my bad.
  8. What do clerks do then (that is important)? They used to have lots to do with our pay and life.
  9. Depot Donkey came on here and asked a genuine question, this is not the Naffi forum and The Snail is out of order for his stupid response.

    Is it any wonder that we all despise clerks, you ask a question then get nothing but bull shit back.

    Anyone can hide behind a computer snail and spout verbal bollocks, you sir are a cock.
  10. Military Administrators, not clerks. Thankyou.
  11. The difference is what?
  12. Well, er, um.... A Clerk has managed to avoid being consumed thus far by JPA?
  13. in fact.....a lady......well woman, anyhow.
  14. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Given that the Snail is an ARRSE Maiden, it would be a tad difficult for her to be both a "sir" and a "c***"
  15. Being a HR Admin myself I can ratify this - Promotion and rank is NOT an AGC SPS function. This is an urban myth but a RCMO /line manager issue, who needs to get on the phone. But MANY soldiers belive that it is clerks job but its not - owing to that the rank concept is linked to pay and allowances.

    However G1 action in this case is to be taken by the RCMO / Line manger to solve the rank issue with the MCM SPVA desk officer, which they publish up north in Glasgow and not the clerk at the unit, it then becomes a bi product of the soldier recieving the correct pay.

    Once the acting rank has been published and then and only then will HR admin clerk be involved if the PUBLISHED acting rank by MCM is not correctly reflected on the pay side.

    Course of action - look on the pay statement and look at the paid rank. then you can determine wether it has been published or not. Get the RCMO / line manager to phone up and confirm it has been published. JOB JOBBERED