Act of Valour

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by thecoops, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Saw this tonight: personal verdict = not half bad! The acting won't win oscars and you are not always entirely sure what is happening or rather why, but the action sequences are v impressive IMHO. I did wonder if seals ever stay in a plane long enough to land as they do a lot of halo jumps it seems, but would watch again.
    Query though, what's with hammering the seal badge into coffins?
  3. Like this?

    Can't find anything on it yet and don't know any SEALs. I would assume it's a mark of respect from fellow members who have passed an arduous course and is the only identifying badge worn on naval dress uniform to indicate they are a SEAL IIRC.

    In this case it was PO Monsoor who won a MoH in Iraq posthumously
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  4. Started with funeral of Mike Monsoor who received the MOH posthumously in Iraq. Although I do not generally trust Snopes due to its political bias, check this: Medal of Honor - Mike Monsoor
  5. rampant

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    jjh, why the difference in medal design according to service arm for the MoH? I know when the VC was orginally instituuted we had the ruddy red ribbon for the Army and the deep blue ribbon for the Navy, and later changed to ruddy red for all recipients after 1918. I'm curious to say the least.
  6. Is PO Monsoor the chap who was repatriated by a conscientious fellow officer? The one that was made into a film recently?

    PS. Nice to have you back JJH, and I'm sorry for your recent troubles.
  7. Watched it over the weekend, thought it was a good action flick. Little bit cheesy in some places, but enloyed it. Liked the HALO bits although a technical boo-boo of ramp coming down at altitude and blokes chatting before fixing O2 masks with no-one going hypoxic . Watched it with my 17 year old daughter who also enjoyed it, she said it reminded her of the Unit and 24, so thats roughly where its pitched .
  8. A2_Matelot

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    Any swearing in it? My 9yr old is an uber recruit in the making: Ally-8.jpg we're ticking off the days until we can leave him at the gates to Lympstone - when he sees the first publicity for this I am bound to be nagged, but I'm betting there's a stack of swearing in it - not mention a little bit of gratuitous violence.
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  9. Its a 15 I think, but as to the swearing , cant remember any to be honest.
  10. No--although his service is worthy of a film in its own right, the film "Taking Chance" (starring Kevin Bacon in a great performance IMHO) was based on the story of a "mere" US Marine KIA in Iraq.

    Thanks for the welcome "back."
  11. It is interesting to note in the US that the top 2 gallantry awards (MoH and (Distinguished Service Cross (for the Army), Navy Cross or Air Force Cross) are service specific while the middle range gallantry awards (Silver Star or Bronze Star (valor award only if with combat "V")) are generic but the lower awards (Army/Navy/Air Force Commendation or Achievement Medals) are again service specific. I am not sure why.

    Under our system then a number of iconic figures in the histories of the several services have "received" (in the case of the MoH) or been "awarded" (in all other cases) service-specific medals from other services when so recommended and approved by the service involved. For example, several Marines prominent in our history have been the recipient of BOTH the Navy and Army versions of the MoH!

    In fact my kinsman, the controversial warrior known as "Old Gimlet Eye" (for his ferociousness in battle), Lt. Gen. Smedley Butler, was the recipient of an Army and Navy MoH. Smedley Butler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. Action was pretty good. They didn't do much research on the ice cream though. We call it "sorbetes", and they're sold via wheelbarrows. Certainly no passion fruit lol, it was usually ube (purple yam), cheese, or chocolate.

    First person view is very fun to watch. Reminded me of Doom.

    Never knew there were UAVs that can be thrown by hand though :omg:
  13. I got to sit and watch this tonight and it was fairly enjoyable. All the bits about family and loyalty etc were incredibly cheesy - I know we all have a right to live our lives but if you're going to sign up for an incredibly dangerous job with one of the world's most elite fighting units, surely you would have thought twice about having a missus and a kid and all that. But whatever.

    The best way to describe it: like Call of Duty: the Movie.

    By the way, my cousin's in Germany with 32 Engineers and claims that he got to go to either an advanced screening or a premier of this or something with folks from his unit as part of their promoting it through the military.