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Act of Attainder - alternative to Impeachment of Bliar?

Not sure this is the last word on the Attainder but:

An Act or Bill of Attainder is an Act of Parliament which decrees that an accused person is guilty of treason with no requirement to prove it by precise points of law. The "attainted" person is declared a traitor and is subject to the death penalty; his property is forfeited and his descendants disinherited. Attainders were used frequently during the Wars of the Roses and continued to be used by the Tudors, particularly for punishing rebels. The Long Parliament resorted to attainders to condemn Strafford and Laud because neither could be proved guilty of the charges brought against them.

Few attainders were passed after the Restoration until the Jacobite rebellions of the 18th century. The last was passed in 1798 against the Irish rebel Lord Fitzgerald. The procedure was abolished in 1870.
There's also the problem of getting a Labour Majority to vote it through....

Nice idea though!
What was abolished can easily be brought back onto the statute book. In fact when I eventually become supreme leader it is my intention to indict many New Labour Politicians for treason.

Volunteers for the firing squads will receive a cash bonus.
Thought_Criminal said:
Volunteers for the firing squads will receive a cash bonus.
Think you've missed a trick, there. I for one would pay good money to personally send some of these b*stards to the bad fire.

You could auction places on the detail off to the highest bidder and make a fortune.

Just make sure you don't let the MoD procure the ammo. :D

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