:?: Have i qualified or not?
Having completed 2 tours in iraq and a year in ni plus 2 tours of kosovo, this gives me an accumulated service of 36 months, so does any one know if i qualify for this prestigious piece of tin!!!!! :D

And no this isnt a wha question!!!!!!!

many thanks doc
:D Come on deep down we ve all got a Mutley in us !!!!!!!
You have to have 1080 days total operation service, Bosnia & Kosovo don't count for some reason but NI Iraq and Afghanistan does. When I totalled 3 years in NI I went to the RAO to ask for my "well earned" gong, but they took away time I was out of province, courses and mainland exercises, so my total was well short.

Best advice is to get your clerk to print out you service details and get your calculator out. This is where you also find the fcuk ups your clerks did years ago- doing you out of valuable tour time.

I have since got my ACSM and have racked up a further 1080 days ops but due to clerks mistakes with dates my clasp has not yet been issued. I'm on the case but I've been told it is being reviewed for the past year now. Looks like I'll have to push at least another tour!
roger that! out to you!!!!!!!!!
many thanks!!!!!
hello rhq.............. this is..................
Serendipity strikes!

Whilst browsing the MOD website last week, I didn't find what I wanted, which is all down to the useless search engine and the lousy way in which things are filed and indexed, but I fell over the medals' page and learned something about the LS&GC that I didn't know! I can, therefore, share with you the rules for the award of the ACSM:


It says "Awarded for 1080 days aggregated service in those theatres for which the GSM has been issued".

And I am nowhere near that figure!

Tell the whole story Litotes.
The ACSM is awarded for 1080 days aggregated service in those theatres for which the GSM (e.g. Northern Ireland, Air Ops Iraq), an OSM (e.g. Sierra Leone or Afghanistan) or the Iraq Medal has been issued. An additional 1080 days is required for the award of the Clasp to the ACSM. More than 1 Clasp may be earned.

Even with troops now doing longer than 6 monthers its still quite hard to get those days in.
I was lucky enough to have a short residence in Ireland a coupla roulemonts and a stint in Kuwait (Air Ops Iraq) to earn mine. I wouldnt wish a residence tour of Iraq or Afghan on anyone tho'
My second bar is still a few more days away!
Good luck guys its a lovely gong. Proof of nights out of bed if ever you needed one.
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