Discussion in 'Seniors' started by bombs-away, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know if OP TELIC counts towards the Accumulative Service Medal?
  2. Generally the ACSM is awarded for periods of service in a theatre of operations that does not attract any other kind of service medal.
    Op Telic service has a medal awarded so does not count towards ACSM. Hope that helps
  3. absolute bollox, and yes it does count.
    Ask your admin to se the DIN
  4. You're such an offensive person Filbert, a simple 'I think that this chap is mistaken...' would have been more appropriate don't you think?
  5. sorry :oops:

    i meant to say:

    Hey oldnbold chappy, i think youll find that you are mistaken in your comment with reference to the ACSM and you seem to have spoken testicular tissue in your post.

  6. No, bollox sounds better :)
  7. This subject grips my sh!t - another version of the truth, you get a different answer every time you ask the damn question.......SOMEONE PLEASE POST THE FINAL TRUTH ON HERE SO i CAN FIND OUT IF I HAVE EARNED THE BLODY THING OR NOT...............
  8. The original DCI which announced the Telic medal says that a tour of Telic DOES count towards ACSM.

    "15. Other Qualifying Service.

    a. Qualifying service for the Iraq Medal does count towards the qualifying criteria for the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (ACSM) if appropriate."

    If you have access to the MoD intranet, look up the DCI then go to the admin office and fill out the form for the ACSM. You'll then find out if you have enough days.
  9. DCI's were only valid for a year from the date of publication. They have now been replaced with DINs. The OP Telic tour does count towards your ACSM I rang the JPAC centre only just to confirm. Hope this helps and hope you get your ACSM soon.
  10. Right, thats the answer - apply for the damn thing then, if I'm elligabel, I'll get it, if not, not.....................

    Easy, now to convince the CC its a good idea...............
  11. Thanks Chaps. If I apply today I might get it in 2 years time!!!!
  12. received my Op Veritas medal two weeks ago, Op Veritas was 2002
  13. what a totally random post!! this thead is about the ACSM.
  14. Quite right; am an eejit. Please delete it.
  15. nah, we like random! :D