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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by vod962, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. I am an ex serving member of the forces and wondered if you did not go to your clerk when you were serving but have since been told you were entitled to an ACSM medal can you still ask for one and if so how? I did about 10 tours and some of them back to back>

    thanks for any advice in advance
  2. All on this link:

    Be prepared to wait up to years - not a joke unfortunately - I can substantiate that statement from personal experience. Good luck!
  3. As far as i`m aware, there`s no cut off time in applying for any medals, your entitled too.

    However, like the hackle has stated it won`t arrive in the next post. If I remember correctly it took nearly 2 years for my GSM NI to appear, and I`m still waiting got my Telic Medal (aren`t we all!!)
  4. make sure that the tours that you did count towards the ACSM, otherwise youll have wasted your time chasing up the medals office.
    No tours of the Balkans count towards the ACSM, so unless your 10 tours were NI or were in theatres where the OSM was awarded (post 01 Apr 00) then you possibly wont have qualified.

    But good luck anyway.
  5. Don`t quote me on this, but I`m sure time spent on Corporate,Granby & Telic may also qualify, providing yuor the holder of the GSM. As I say I`m not 100% on this, but it might also be worth looking inot if you did serve on any of these campaigns.
  6. I have the DIN in front of me, Granby doesnt count and as yet neither does Telic.
  7. I've just looked at the original DCI which announced the Telic medal and it says that a tour of Telic DOES count towards ACSM.

    15. Other Qualifying Service.

    a. Qualifying service for the Iraq Medal does count towards the qualifying criteria for the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (ACSM) if appropriate.

    Unless this has been amended, but I could not find any reference in the DIN's that have amended the original DCI.

    I stand by to be corrected!
  8. Yours is probably right, mine is off DII and its 'chapter 8 Campaign Medals', although it mentions the Gulf Medal (2 Aug 90 - 7 Mar 91) as not counting, Telic isnt mentioned at all which makes me think that it is pre Mar 03.
  9. How long to you have to do, beofre you qualify, is it still 36 months active service? (i.e not including R&R, courses etc).
  10. Instituted in 1994 for award to all who serve 36 months in operations where one or more clasp would have been awarded to the Campaign Service Medal 1962 since September 1969.

    Service on other operations is also allowed and is noted in each individual award. OSM's for Sierra Leone and Afghanistan also count towards the ACSM. Further periods of three years are marked by a silver bar.
  11. 1080 days. and leave out of theatre etc is subtracted from your running total.