ACSC 9 - Sign Off Rate

Where did you hear that?
The rumour mill!!

I know of 4 at the moment and that is without actually trying to find out (not including the one who took the package offered).

Whilst on the subject a lot from ACSC 8 have also gone so perhaps the precedent is set.


I was on ACSC7 and loads of my course have bailed out - I know of lots of good blokes on 8 also gone and many more to follow.

Still, no need to worry, sure those leaving weren't really any good anyway.

Can 9 go yet - time bar/ return of service and all that?
The time bar is non-binding. I have iit in writing from Glasgow and may well press to test very shortly (I am on ACSC 11).
ACSC 8 currently stands at circa 17% of the Amry cohort signed off. That is currently defined SWAG stats based on the racking of a number of addled minds over a brew - works for me.
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