ACSC 8 and the 'Dead Shag'

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by CrapSpy, Oct 19, 2004.

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  1. :cry: Rumour has it that ACSC 8 are not keeping up the traditions of the Dead Shag.

    After hearing the fate of the last Ed over the embarassing 'Arab Incident', it appears they are all too afraid/conformist to start their own version.

    Come on ACSC 8, show us your balls, and lets have a Shag!!

    PS. Is it true about the Service Dress when on duty?
  2. CrapSpy,

    You really are a Crap Spy. The ACSC 8 does indeed have an underground magazine; it is called 'The Cornyrant' and the 2nd edition was published this week.

    Perhaps if you spent more time worrying about your job and less time worrying about our course then your boss wouldn't think that you were such at tw*t and write you a decent OJAR!
  3. Trust me, I have not spent much time worrying about your course, about the time it took me to type this e-mail and the original post!

    Glad to hear of the existence of the 'Cornyrant'. I will check my sources, they did assure me that it would take at least 45mins for such a publication to be produced.
  4. Mate - if you're bored at JSCSC just wait until you leave there and move into your BB job. Then you'll really know what bored is!
  5. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Second edition published at the end of Oct? Well done! What took you so long?

    And how WAS Ex GC this year? Anybody get to beat the record of PP$400?

    N.B. PP$ = Pink Pony Currency !!!!!