ACSC 10 (Land) - Balance of Div / Bde level Instruction

"The core of Block 1 (Land) of the ACSC is Div Level Ops" Quote from C Div Director on 18 Aug 06. Considering the first half of the course was dedicated to fundamentals and Bde Ops has the course achieved the intent. indeed is there time on a 4 week course to cover both levels of command (bde and Div) or should we concentrate on gaining more experience at Divisional level in prep for the remainder of the course ie not a 'jack of all trades and master of none'. At least students would be able to discuss div level ops more authoritively in the joint phase or do we need a fundamental understanding of both levels compressed into 4 weeks.

I am keen to solicit comments on the balance that has been struck during the course in the hope that we are able to provide good feedback.

Happy to move thread to the closed ACSC 10 site if prefered. If you have not yet subscribed to the dedicated site then please indicate on the ACSC thread. :cry:

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