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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by marlintcf, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. In the NATO sequence of orders what does DF's stand for in Situation-enemy forces?

    Ive asked someone who has presented a powerpoint on it and he had no idea.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    PS: I am expecting a lot of bull s**t answers to this but as long as somone gives me the real answer I'm not particularly fussed, the joys of asking for help on ARRSE.
  2. Possibly Deployable Forces. :)

    Other NATO Acronyms :)

    Direction Finding
    Directional Finder
    Disposition Form
    Defensive Fire
    deflection factor
    diesel fuel
    Data Fusion
    Direct Feed
    dispersion factor
    Data Format
    Data Forwarding
    Deblocking Filter
    Declared Facility
    Deuterium Floride
    Direct Fund
    Direction Finding or Finder
    Directional Finding
    Disposition Forms
    Diverted Force
    Duration Factor
  3. Df - defensive fire. Pam 45 the infantry platoon page 3-2.

    Although I could be wrong.

  4. In fact I'm defiantly wrong looking at the tam.
  5. Defensive Fires. It's referring to whether to expect Final Protective Fire (FPF) once you have destroyed the position, based on enemy equipment and prior experience.
  6. It meant "Defensive Fire" in my day, slingstones, arrows and the odd boulder from a trebuchet.
  7. Whilst you're not wrong your reference is a little dated. The Infantry Platoon has not been in Pamphlet 45 since 1999!
  8. The copy I have here is from 1986. No idea how I ended up with it though. Hasn't even got any amendments. Still talks about the introduction of the sa80 the law and the warrior.
  9. Spot on. Your also supposed to consider where it's likely the enemy have dialled in their guns (obvious approaches, dead ground etc.)