Acronym/abbreviation Question

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by LCPL_Bull, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. What does T&M stand for?
  2. as in the TM 8 Tonne? or....
  3. msr

    msr LE

    What is the context?
  4. Its on Model Symbols just wanted to know what it meant? T&M as i've put it.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    More context required. Do you have a link to these model symbols?
  6. Bugger me you have confused me even more now MSR over to you
  7. Transport and Movements?
  8. msr

    msr LE

    No idea. Sorry. But I suspect it will be a head smacking moment when someone tells me...

  9. Thanks anyway msr
  10. Is it D+V for dyslexics?????????????
  11. i think it stands for trumpets and mouthorgans,might be wrong those
  12. Tabs and munchies?
  13. Take your pick:

    Acronym Definition
    TM Team
    TM Trademark (usually written ™)
    TM Transcendental Meditation
    TM Time
    TM Turkmenistan (ISO country code, top level domain)
    TM Ticketmaster (Ticket Agency)
    TM Transaction Manager
    TM Telemarketing
    TM Trust Me
    TM Transmembrane
    TM Text Message
    TM Time Machine
    TM Training Manual
    TM Telemanagement
    TM Team Member
    TM Traffic Management
    TM Telemetry
    TM Telekom Malaysia
    TM Topic Maps
    TM Target Market
    TM Translation Memory
    TM Thematic Mapper (satellite sensor)
    TM Topographic Map
    TM Technical Memorandum
    TM Thulium
    TM Technical Manual
    TM Transportation Management
    TM Technical Manager
    TM Training Module
    TM Twisted Metal (video game)
    TM Transition Metal
    TM Test Mode
    TM Telemundo (Spanish TV channel)
    TM Thanks Much (radio code)
    TM Tim McGraw (musician)
    TM Turing Machine (informatics)
    TM Treasury Management (management of cash and working capital)
    TM Temporomandibular
    TM Tenchi Muyo (Drama-Anime)
    TM Test Manager (KPA of CMM commonly used by SEI)
    TM Test Module
    TM Tokyo Marui (Airsoft company)
    TM The Merciful (Counterstrike gaming clan)
    TM Team Mate
    TM Thrustmaster (PC joystick and game controller maker)
    TM Technical Management
    TM Telus Mobility (wireless phone)
    TM Technology Manager
    TM Tibetan Mastiff (dog breed)
    TM Turtle Mountain (Manitoba, Canada)
    TM Transport Module
    TM Tympanic Membrane
    TM Tracy McGrady (football player)
    TM Tour Manager
    TM Trouble Maker
    TM Transverse Magnetic
    TM Territory Manager
    TM Terminal Mode
    TM TriMedia
    TM Theater Missile
    TM Tournament Manager
    TM Temperature Monitor
    TM Two-Mix (J-Pop group)
    TM Transmission and Multiplexing
    TM Targeted Mutation
    TM Terminal Manager
    TM Tuen Mun
    TM Teen Mania (Christian youth organization)
    TM Thermal Model
    TM Time & Materials
    TM Task Master
    TM Terminal Multiplexer
    TM Tactical Missile
    TM Task Monitor
    TM Trunk Module (Nortel)
    TM Twisted Meadows (Warcraft 3 gaming)
    TM Terrain Mapping
    TM Melt Temperature
    TM target materials (US DoD)
    TM Time Matrix
    TM Tarren Mill (World of Warcraft town)
    TM Technical Monitor
    TM Techno Mix
    TM Turbo Manifold
    TM Telemadrid (Spanish local television Madrid)
    TM Timing Module
    TM Terra Mítica (theme park, Benidorm, Spain)
    TM Turbomolecular
    TM Telemaintenance
    TM Type Maintenance
    TM Technical Machine (Pokémon)
    TM Torpedoman's Mate (US Navy)
    TM Technical Module
    TM Linhas Aereas de Mocambique (Mozambique, IATA airline code)
    Tm Transport Maximum
    TM Travel Message
    TM Topology Management
    TM Target Missile
    TM Tone Modulation
    TM Technische Menskunde (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
    TM Telemetry Module
    TM Temporal Mechanics (game)
    TM Termination Module
    TM Treaty Monitoring
    TM Thread Mangler
    TM Tubular Maximum
    TM Test Under Mask (IBM)
    TM Tactical Manager
    TM Transition Mathematics
    TM Time Mage (gaming)
    TM Tritium Monitoring
    TM Tense Marker
    TM Testability Measure
    TM Tournamix (DDR step/graphic design contest)
    TM Turk Mali
    TM Thames Measurement
    TM Track Maintainer (railway position)
    TM TROPO modem (US DoD)
    TM Teammerlin (gaming)
    TM Transportes Marroquin (Guatemalan freight cargo company)
    TM Tingle Moment
    TM Transitional Maneuver
    TM Tracking Modifier
    TM Torpedo Motorboot (Dutch)
    TM Transverse Magneticwave
    TM (USN Rating) Torpedoman's Mate
    TM Teller Manager