Acquitted Guardsmen leave Army in disgust

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 9, 2006.

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  2. They should take the MOD to court on the grounds of constructive dismissal. These prosecutions are little more than state sanctioned bullying.
  3. Quote:

    Guardsman McGing, 22, of Oldbury, West Midlands, said he was bitter at being prosecuted when they were doing their duty

    "I always wanted to be a soldier. Now I have a different view because the Army hung me out to dry," he said. "I want out as soon as possible."

    He advised soldiers heading to Iraq to "hire a good lawyer in case the Army stabs you in the back".

    A Ministry of Defence spokesman said that it was "unfortunate" that the men were leaving but "any decision is a personal matter".


    "Unfortunate" - There's an understatement of MOD proportions - to**ers.
  4. It will be even more unfortunate when these guys tell their mates not to bother joining, when other soldliers decide to leave. I honestly wouldn't encourage anyone to join the army myself these days. How can you look them in the eye and say they'll be looked after? The Military Covenant has been broken.
  5. Is it me or does the attourney general want to put his country's soldiers away because i must add he's done a sterling job trying to support the parents of the litlle abused baby!!! But when soldiers are on trialhe rolls over on them why?????
  6. The Military Covenant is not worth the paper its written on these days, its been broken so many times now.
  7. 'The military' and the MoD are two very different things. The former should be a bias-less tool of the state and the latter a quasi-political organisation who hold the formers purse strings. Unfortunately for us in the former many of those in charge increasingly want us to be more like the latter.


    Ah well, 14 months and 22 days to go and this career is fodder for many a night to be spent in the Royal British Legion or RAFA club.
  8. This is the same Attorney general who changed his mind about the legality of the war and is quiet happy to sacrifice us to distract attention away from his own lies.
  9. And here endeth the case for BAFF m'lord.
  10. It's a crying arse shame! and i've gone and re-enlisted and what for this shambles!!!
  11. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Armed Forces are exempt from the employment rights act and therefore squaddies can't do the constructive dismissal thing (can you imagine all the bods doing that one on return from the said pit!).

    MOD is not exempt from racial discrimination legislation etc and as wooden tops believe they're a breed apart, perhaps they could try thay - " Is it coz I aye is in da Guards....."
  12. It took three years to bring these soldiers to trial - three years!

    From charge to trial over this period of time is to introduce a process. It is a process, the effect of which is psychological truama, uncertainty and inability to plan for the future. It is a process that strains relationships with family and friends almost to breaking point and sometimes beyond it, and even when the outcome is determined, there remains a legacy of those who wll refuse to accept the verdict and a feeling of guilt and self-doubt by the person who has been subjected to it.

    In short, it is the process which becomes the punishment because the punishment is the process!

    My son expressed an interest in joining the Infantry, he read the MOD Websites, has seen the advertising on the telly and, at one stage, became totally seduced by the idea of enlisting.

    I have drawn his attention to the realities of service life and to the realities of situations such as this and asked him realistically if it is actually worth it!

    He was intelligent enough to say that it was not and withdrew his interest.

    After having gone through three years of uncertain hell, I am sure that they never want to be in a position to go through it all again, since if they do, then no matter how innocent they may be in the future, the event's which led to their accusations in the past would be laid before the court in evidence, and that evidence would go some way to convicting them.

    The Army will lose some fine soldiers here, but I am afraid that the Ministry of Defence, as well at the Attorney General does not deserve their service!
  13. The Army is not exempt from employment law. If someone is treated in an unfair manner (Which politically driven persecution most certainly is) They can submit a formal complaint using internal procedures and in tandem apply for an Industrial Tribunal. This is precicely the kind of case the BAFF will be ideal for. be interesting to see if you could get the Attorney (Witchfinder) General in court as part of your case.
  14. As far as going for 'constructive dismissal' (and most parts of ERA) they are - wanna bet a £100 donation to the site on it? :D

    Cmon Big Boy, put your money where your mouth is..........